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A Car, Which Runs on Tweets, FB likes

Trust it or not, but a car that runs on 'social fuel' is a truth now. A group of students from Kansas City has assembled a car that runs on Tweets, Facebook likes, Instagram shares and other social media updates. Before you start scuffing your ahead, here is how it has been manufactured and how it works. The social media-powered car is Minddrive's brainchild, a Kansas City non-profit which uses experimental learning with at-risk teens. This time, the students reconstructed a 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and transformed it into an electric car. Supposedly, these students restored the original Volkswagen engine with a lithium-ion battery pack and electric motor. Following this, they put in a tablet PC into the circuitry of the car, which supervises the social watts resultant from Minddrive's social media accounts including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and accordingly controls the power flow. In other words, the car is powered by social media connections like hashtagging 'MindDrive' on Twitter, liking MindDrive's Facebook page or posts and commenting on their Instagram photos. For instance, a new Twitter fan carries five watts, liking a bit on Facebook adds 1 watt. It begins with a tweet, this sends a signal into the little box in the car, that allows it know that it has social fuel and can start running. Every tweet, or Facebook like, and Instagram share gets routed through a server. So, if they don't have sufficient social media buzz - that little black box can in fact cut power to the electric engine. By this way, users are confident to interrelate with Minddrive's social media accounts to fuel the car. Thus, it won't be erroneous to call it an attention-grabber or a publicity stunt. So now when the car has been constructed, the team is planning to analysis it out themselves by road tripping from Kansas City to Washington, DC.

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