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April Fool's Folly, Google Tells End YouTube

The top-grade April Fool's frivolities are illogical but also have a kernel of believability at their center just big decent to reel people in. While the idea that YouTube has been a 8-year-long contention and Google is finally selecting a winner and closing the site down tonight is pretty difficult to ingestion on its face, Google did daze many people by denoting the shutdown of Google Reader recently. Perhaps Larry and Sergey are opening to go all Howard Hughes on us? That's how the beneath video just put out by YouTube runs. The basic assumption is that YouTube has been nothing but a contend to find the best video, and the 8-year-long entry period is finally closing tonight. As YouTube's "contest director" Tim Liston, a person who seems to be as fabricated as his title, tells us, YouTube will go dark for a decade to give thousands of judges 10 years to go through all the uploaded videos and declare one winner, which will be the just video on the site when YouTube relaunches in 2023. What's even more screaming in the video than the basic gag backside it is some great anaglyph by YouTube celebrities like Matt Harding, iJustine, the (now much older) kids from "Charlie Bit My Finger" and that "Evolution of Dance" guy. "I promote everybody to watch as many videos as doable before YouTube deletes everything present," Antoine Dodson warns. Check the entire thing below, and anticipation along with me that this isn't the only April Fool's gag Google is actuation. Announcing the revival of Google Reader could be portion of the joke, right? Right?

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