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Does Twitter Face Sincerity Problem?

For numerous, a single forged tweet from the Associated Press account that in brief roiled fiscal markets on Tuesday, pouring the Dow Jones industrial average down about 145 points, vibrantly reaffirmed the terrifying, near-instantaneous authority of the 140-character message. But the security drop also rejuvenated doubts about Twitter's place in the media scenery and its decisive value at an instant when its standing as one of today's necessary information networks had appeared all but cemented. Just a week after social media networks got disapproval for helping flow misinformation about the alleged performers of the Boston Marathon bombing, Twitter's safety limitations fell under a ruthless spotlight Tuesday after a hacker group hijacked the AP Twitter account and mistakenly reported that explosions in the White House had offended President Barack Obama. The AP was only the newest hacking victim in latest days after Twitter accounts going to National Public Radio, CBS 60 Minutes and others were violated. Last year, Reuters News was the wounded of hackers who briefly took over one of its Twitter accounts and posted fake tweets. The newest hack was by far the most momentous: the single AP tweet astonished investors and efficiently wiped out $136.5 billion of the S&P 500 index's value in a subject of minutes. Although the news group later revealed that one of its employees may have accidentally given away company passwords as the effect of a "phishing" attack by the hackers, security experts fast faulted Twitter for its venerable failure to employ two-factor verification, a double-layered password feature used by the likes of Google Inc and Microsoft Inc that might have banned the spate of high-profile Twitter hijackings. "It's one of those cases that we are considering too often. It's getting scary," said Robert Quigley, a journalism lecturer specializing in social media at the University of Texas. "What media organizations require to do is force Twitter to have a more protected website."

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