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Doodle Celebration on 1st Parachute Jump

The newest Google doodle makes merry the 216th anniversary of the world's first parachute jump. Andre-Jacques Garnerin, French daredevil completed 3,000ft thrust from a balloon using a silk parachute on October 22, 1797. He started experiments with early parachutes based on umbrella-shaped devices. He sat in a basket tied with the parachute and after getting a height of just about 3000 feet, untied the cord that attached the balloon and the parachute to make the drop. Garnerin was successful in landing unharmed. He also made-up the vented parachute, which improved the constancy of the fall. Following the jump, Garnerin was decided the title Official Aeronaut of France and he went on to turn into a well-known global figure. He died in Paris on August 18, 1823 in an edifice site accident when he was hit by a beam while making a balloon. Today's doodle portrays a parachutist going up in the air with the help of a balloon and making a descent as he runs into clouds and flying birds. “Users can manage the track of Garnerin's parachute in the Google doodle using the left and the right arrow keys on the keyboard.”

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