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Facebook rolls out Gifts service to send real-life gifts

Facebook is now continuing the latest services alike Gifts, which lets users send chocolate, coffee, socks and other real-life gifts to each other. On Thursday, Facebook gifts is launched to a division of users in the USA and will also continuing to around the upcoming months as people can send gifts to one another. Users will be capable to click on the icon of gifts on their facebook friends' pages on or on Android mobile phones. It is also expected to release soon iPhone and iPad versions.

The gifts icon will also displayed up on the right panel of users' facebook pages with the reminders for friends' birthdays, weddings and other life events. For example, if your friend's birthday is approaching up in two days, you'll now observe a "give her/him a gift" link and the gift icon next to her/him name and photo. After clicking the icon that will demonstrate number of presents you can purchase, such as a Starbucks gift card, cupcakes or a teddy bear.

The receiver will be notified right through facebook to go into a shipping address for the gifts. In a few cases, they'll be able to choose their own cupcake flavors or size and chic of socks. They are also able to swap over gifts for other items if they don't like chocolate or don't dress in socks. After the Facebook's acquirement of Karma, a 16-person was established in San Francisco, the facebook had anticipated to start gift services. Karma's mobile app allows people send gifts to their friends on the place out. Facebook Gifts, of course, functions well both on computers and mobile. According to Lee Linden, the former head of Karma, now head product manager of Facebook Gifts, “we think giving gift is a best outline of communication”.

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