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FB Reveals Graph Shared Search Feature

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg makes public on Tuesday a feature to facilitate its billion-plus users search for people and places contained by the social network, in the company's first key product start on event since it May first public present.

Addressing to reporters at its Menlo Park, California headquarters, Zuckerberg explained what he identified “graph search", which lets users to arrange through content that has been shared with them.

Critics have long supposed the social network's recent search capabilities too little. Existing as a "beta" or early version at present, the fresh feature as dubbed "graph search" because Facebook submits to its growing content, data and membership as the "social graph" that will firstly allow users sort through essentially photographs, people, places and members' interests, he added.

"You should to be able to ask over the query, similar to, who are my friends in San Francisco," Zuckerberg said.

The world's major online social network, Facebook is moving to get back Wall Street's buoyancy in the rouse of a rocky IPO and concerns about its enduring worthwhile prospects. Rumor had come close to passion pitch over the past week about what Facebook intended to reveal in its highest-profile news conference since its market first appearance. Guesses had sorted from a long-rumored smartphone to an occupied Web-search invention.

That expectations, as well as hope of strong fourth-quarter financial results, have facilitated drive up Facebook's stock. Its shares are upbeat more than 15 percent since beginning of the year. On Tuesday, its stock was sour 0.3 percent at $30.84.

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