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Google Extract Patent Against Apple

Motorola Mobility, Google subordinate, has gone down a complaint of patent infringement against Apple lacking any explanation. In a short filing with the global trade commission on Monday, Motorola Mobility said it was dropping without discrimination a complaint that apple had infringed on seven Motorola patents.

Apple did not go back telephone calls looking for comment and Google said only "As we have said a lot of times before, we will carry on to energetically protect our partners".

Google and Apple have been protected in a global patent war since 2010, as Apple has required edging the increase of Google's Android system. The conflict has also occupied Samsung, HTC and others that use Android.

According to a report in August about the two companies were in agreement talks. Google declares in its filing, however, that "there are no agreements amid Motorola and Apple, written or oral, state or oblique, regarding the subject matter of this investigation."

The case filing can be re-submitted.

"May be they wanted to keep their chances of at least receiving some win in opposition to Apple in the US in 2013," Muller said in an email interview.

The major conquest in the Smartphone patent war so remote belongs to Apple. On August 24, a panel of judges in a California federal court ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion in damages after finding that Samsung had hackneyed some critical features of the iPhone and iPad.

In the second quarter of 2012, Samsung was considered as the top-selling mobile-phone manufacturer, with Apple in third place, according to information from Gartner Inc.< /p>

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