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Google to Make Simpler Web for Indian

Google India founded a campaign which is meant at simplifying the web for the country's internet users. "The purpose of the campaign is to aid simplify the Web for Indian users, showing how they can get immediate answers to their most common queries," Sandeep Menon, Director, Marketing, Google India, said here. He said that as more Indians appear online for the first time, they are more and more looking for handy ways to discover information on the web. "Whether it is to find out about the climate, checking flight status, or even looking for a restaurant for dinner date, Google Search can offer users instant answers to these common queries in the appearance of information cards that become visible above search results," he said. With growingly Indians surfing the internet using their mobile phones, Menon said, "Today the next billion users are building the bound from no internet to mobile internet, without ever having used a desktop computer." Terming the youth of the city net-savvy, he said, "It is in truth fairly charming to see an overwhelming reply from the youth dominated Chandigarh populace who have readily holds the technology in their lifestyle. Chandigarh is supposed to be one of the top cities when it comes to internet usage. It is big to know that cities like Chandigarh are using Google Search for their least of requirements." Menon also touched upon the top Search trends that mainstream of people including Chandigarh search for most using Google Trends. "From Education to tour to yoga, these are the top searches," he said, adding that Google Trends is a device that illustrates what people are searching for in a nation or in a given period of time.

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