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Google to Sell Motorola for $2.35 Billion

Google is now looking to sell Motorola Mobility's TV set-top business for $2.35 billion, reducing the load that the Internet search head took on previous this year when it finished the major attainment in its history.

The cash-and-stock agreement announced late Wednesday will revolve over Motorola's set-top division to Arris Group Inc., a fairly small supplier of high-speed Internet gear that is looking to turn into a bigger player in the delivery of video. Investors highly praised the shift, driving up Arris' stock by almost 17 percent.

Google's decision to throw out the set-top boxes appears seven months after the Mountain View, Calif., company got manage of Motorola Mobility Holdings in a $12.4 billion acquisition. The set-top boxes were not at all a big appeal for Google, although the company is concerned in finding ways to cylinder its service on to TVs so it can sell more promotion.

Google esteemed Motorola for its selection of more than 17,000 mobile patents. Those outline an arsenal that it can utilize in a violent conflict that has wrecked out over intellectual property as smartphones and tablet computers have come out as hot commodities in current years. Motorola also manufactures smartphones and tablets, a manufacturing business that Google will keep hold of, although lasting concerns on Wall Street about the hardware lessening Google's profit margins and perhaps isolating other tool makers that use the company's Android software.

Besides not being a usual fit for Google, Motorola's set-top box also has turn into a potentially costly liability. Digital video recorder pioneer TiVo Inc. is looking for billions of dollars in damages in a lawsuit claiming that Motorola's boxes infringed on its patents. Those claims are planned to go to tryout next year in federal court in Texas.

Although they refused to give specifics, Arris Group executives said to analysts in a Wednesday conference call that Google still must cover up most of the bill for any damages or decision that TiVo might win.

The planned sale of Motorola's set-top part calls for Google to obtain $2.05 billion in cash and $300 million value of Arris stock. If the arrangement wins regulatory agreement, Arris Group looks ahead to take over the division earlier than the end of June.

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