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Nokia/Spice Pay Rs 17K for Faulty Mobile Sell

Nokia and Spice retail have been directed by a consumer forum at this time to money back of Rs 11,909 to a customer and pay her a damage of Rs 5,000 for selling her a malfunctioning mobile phone and failing to revamp it.

The East District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum ordered for relying on obvious affirmation of Delhi resident Susham Lata Bhulania, who said the Nokia service centre had fallen short to set right the defects in her phone.

"Contents of the affidavit of petitioner (Bhulania) are un-confuted, they cannot be unnoticed and have to be taken as right regarding defects stated in that and in radiance of the papers filed in evidence by appellant, it is enough for holding respondents culpable of shortage of service. Complainant had been stressed and depressed of the service of the phone which she had bought for her use.

"We agree to this criticism. The respondents are heading for jointly and severally to pay the price of mobile handset which is Rs 11,909. We allow recompense of Rs 5,000 which includes lawsuit charges," the bench presided by N A Zaidi told.

The bench also including member T Vijayan has directed Bhulania to "surrender the faulty handset with accessories on getting the total amount of cost and recompense." Bhulania had assumed in her criticism that the Nokia E-52 phone she had bought from Spice Retail for Rs 11,909 had quite a lot of defects including the trouble of low charging which could not be correcting despite alternate of the charger.

The ex-parte order was approved by the forum as no one had appear previous to it on regard of Nokia India or Spice Retail nor any written report was filed by them, in spite of service of notice.

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