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Windows 8 Knocks 100 Million Sales

Microsoft has sold Windows 8 licenses with the figure of 100 million in the six months since launch, approximately in line with the earlier version, but desires to contest sputtering attention in its flagship software with a generous update to make it easier to use, and well-suited to smaller tablets. Windows 8 is the first Microsoft operating system chiefly designed for touch commands, but it has failed to catch consumers' thoughts or make an impression in a tablet market subjugated by Apple and Samsung Electronics. Microsoft will be continuing out an update to Windows 8, provisionally code-named 'Windows Blue', by the last part of this year, Reller said. Details of the update will be released in the next few weeks. Although Microsoft has sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses since launch on October 26, matching Windows 7 sales three years previously, it looks doubtful that the new system will see increasingly mounting demand, as Windows 7 did, knocking 240 million sales in its first year. Microsoft's most recent Windows 8 sales update was in early January, when it reached 60 million, suggesting only around 40 million license sales in the last four months, well below Windows 7's average sales ratio. Windows 7 was facilitated by the truth that it replaced the normally unpopular Windows Vista, whereas Windows 8 has mystified many potential customers with its new-look 'tile'-based start screen and the exception of the traditional 'start' button. "We've considered a lot of different states of affairs to help traditional PC users move ahead as well as making usability that much better on all gadgets," she said.

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