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Windows 8 Upgrades hit Four Millions

Microsoft Inc has sold 4 million upgrades to Windows 8, hinting a strong begin for its new operating system which launched on Friday, said chief executive Steve Ballmer on Tuesday. Ballmer, addressing at conference for software developers at Microsoft's headquarters near Seattle, said hundreds of millions of Windows systems would be sold more than the next year, and the company was considering powerful awareness from business users. Ballmer already told on Monday that Windows 8 was selling more than the prior version, Windows 7, at the similar phase after launch three years ago. The company has now sold 4 million upgrades to Windows 8, indicating actually a powerful launch for its new operating system. Windows 8 is offered in two versions at retail such as Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. And for business consumers, Windows 8 Enterprise presents number of new features like Windows to Go, DirectAccess, and BranchCache, as well as improved back-to-back security together with features as BitLocker and AppLocker. Also, the company launched Windows RT for ARM based tablets, which will be offered, pre-installed on new devices. Windows 8 arrives with a latest start screen that shows live vibrant tiles that update in real time. Windows 8 is locally cloud-connected so you can entrée your data on any other Windows 8 PC. Microsoft says Windows 8 to be faultlessly synced across manifold devices. Windows 8 also comes with a latest browser as Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft also plans continuing technical support for Windows 7 till January 14, 2020, its last updated operating system.

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