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Yahoo Chief Says Sorry for ‘Annoying Week'

Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer placed an excuse late Friday for a "frustrating week" experienced by millions of its email service users. "This has been a very maddening week for our users and we are very sad," Mayer said in a message at Yahoo-owned blog platform Tumblr. "For many of us, Yahoo Mail is a lifeline to our friends, family members and customers," she continued. "This week, we experienced a major outage that not only interrupted that connection, but caused many of you a massive trouble." A hardware problem in a data center late Monday knocked out a storage system serving about one percent of Yahoo Mail users, according to Mayer. Yahoo Mail is reported to include more than 280 million users, putting the number of people exaggerated at almost three million. Furious users expelled rage and disturbance on Twitter, Facebook and other social media venues. Many people said they couldn't get back emails from their inboxes or complained that emails were not being delivered. Ranks of Yahoo Mail users promised to control to rival services such as Gmail, but it stayed to be seen whether they will follow-up with action. "The problem was a particularly rare one, and the resolution for the affected accounts was nuanced since different users were impacted in different ways," Mayer said. Some people trying to access their Yahoo Mail accounts got wrong messages that "scheduled maintenance" was being done. Email sent to Yahoo accounts was not delivered. Mayer said that as of late Friday, access was restored to just about all Yahoo Mail users and backlogged messages were delivered. Yahoo was still working on getting the free Web-based email service totally back in order. The Yahoo Mail trouble marks a stumble for Mayer, who has completed focusing on people's "daily habits" such as email part of her plan to renew the faded Internet pioneer.

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