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YouTube to Introduce Soon Pay Channels

YouTube is ready to declare a series of channels within a few weeks that will need payment, a person familiar with the subject said Monday. The content on the fresh pay channels will be other than the millions of videos viewers watch for free on YouTube. It's not apparent whether the paid videos will come with advertising. According to earlier report of Financial Times that viewers would be charged as few as $1.99 a month for subscriptions. In a declaration, YouTube said it is looking into making a "subscription platform" that supplies its partners with a way to produce revenue beyond video rentals and placing ads in and just about content. It said, however, that it had "nothing to publicize at this time." Executives hinted at the coming pay channels at a foretaste event in March in front of a meeting in New York with advertisers. Such a model could facilitate video producers create money from niche viewers. That's dissimilar from how YouTube functions now, where the most popular videos, like PSY's "Gangnam Style" music video, create the most money from promotion. "For people who make great value but for only a slender interest group, I suppose that the possible for pay channels releases opportunities for creating revenue streams," said Lucas Watson, YouTube's vice president of sales and marketing, at the time. Introducing pay channels would also get used to fans of YouTube to paying for content, something the site is not recognized for, although it has sold and rented movies and TV demonstrate from major studios since late 2008. Google Inc. bought YouTube for $1.76 billion in 2006 when the video site had an expected 50 million users internationally. Today, the site brags over 1 billion visitors a month.

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