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BBC Persian TV Audience Touches 6 M

The recent research has shown drastic changes in the growth of the channel’s audience. The figures show that the audience has grown to six million from 3.1 million. According to the new research, the difference has been calculated between 2009 and 2011. This research was published as the BBC World service celebrated its 80th anniversary. Earlier this month, the channel accused Iranian authorities of intimidating its journalists but as of now, the research shows that the number of Iranians using BBC’s international services as a whole has risen by 85% as it was earlier 3.9 million as indicated in 2009 to 7.2 million.

The news was published on Wednesday by the BBC on its official website which made big news throughout the world especially among the popular News channels. BBC Persian TV achievements have become a worldwide topic across the globe. The research was carried out in February 2011as part of the US Broadcasting board of governor’s international audience research program. The strong audience gain announced by the BBC world service has made international news that has shocked everyone with the results that have been indicated. BBC has set a target of reaching 250 million people each week across all its international news services. According to the new research, the current reach stands at 225 million. BBC stands to retain this position as the worlds most trusted broadcasted despite of significant budget cuts last years. According to the latest reports made by the officials of BBC, the BBC will continue to represent the voice of free media. No doubt, the drastic change in the new figure is a tribute to the courage and dedication of BBC Persian journalists in the face of appalling bullying and intimidation by the Iranians authorities. BBC has faced great challenges in the past few years as the channel has been repeatedly jammed since launching in 2009 an the relatives of the BBC staff in London have been detained and threatened by malicious rumours. This was quiet a big challenge for the BBC Staff but they came out bright and proved that they are among the best news services.

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