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I Never Compare Me to Lincoln, Says Obama

US President Barack Obama said on Sunday he never compares himself with the great American leader Abraham Lincoln, who has been his font of insight. In a conference to the 'Meet the Press', Obama shorn of this is his Lincoln Moment.

"Is this your Lincoln Moment?" he was asked. "Well, no. Look, A, I never evaluate myself to Lincoln and, B, observably the scale of the issues are quite dissimilar from the Civil War and slavery. The point, though, is democracies always been confused. We are a large, diverse nation that is regularly sort of disagreeing about all type of matter. But finally we do the true thing," Obama replied.

"Usually if you look at how I've strived to control over the last four years and how I'll carry on to try to govern, I'm not obsessed by some ideological agenda. I am an appealing practical guy. And I just want to ensure that stuff work. "And one of the polite things about never having one more election again, I will never fight again, is I feel you can rest assured that all I concern about is making sure that I put down behind an America that is stronger, more wealthy, more established, more safe than it was when I came into office," Obama said in retort to a different question.

"That's going to keep on driving me. I feel that the matter that we're dealing with right now in the economic precipice is a key example of it. What I'm disagreeing for is keeping tax cuts for 98 per cent of Americans. I don't consider anybody would believe that some liberal left wing schedule. That used to be measured a pretty typical Republican agenda," he said.

Obama said he continue buoyant. "I'm just an innate optimist, that ultimately people kind of see the glow. Winston Churchill used to declare that we.

Americans, we attempt every other opportunity before we finally do the true thing. After the whole thing else is worn out we finally do the right thing. And I think that that's true for Congress as well. And I think it's also vital for Americans to keep in mind that politics has always been confused," he said.

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