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India, 5th most tracked country: Reports

Reports that India is the fifth most tracked country by the US intelligence system has called strong reactions from youth, who think it an interruption into their privacy. A current exposure by the UK-based Guardian newspaper about the wide-ranging spying operations of the United States National Security Agency has uncovered the regular interception and monitoring of electronic communications between common people across several countries, including India. "People share their most close details over the Internet. To assume it is being spied upon is entirely shocking," said Salma Sultana Ahmed, 23, a student of mass communication. "The level of uncertainty will boost after this episode," she said. Prashanth Perumal, 24, a media professional, felt the causes given by the US government that its agencies snooped around in India for security considerations, does not hold ground when normal citizens with no past criminal record are subject to watch. "What danger does an ordinary man pose to the powerful US? It already has widespread tracking mechanisms purposely planned for people with dubious backgrounds. To spy on entire sections of society is intolerable," Perumal said. Shrikant, 25, an architectural designer, was more ardent in his criticism, and said that the US' move was sarcastic. "It is not astonishing that they (US) have made this. Many countries in the past have established their snooping capability citing security reasons. It is incongruous that a country like the US which promotes individual freedom as a value does this," he told. According to Sudarshan, dean, School of Government and Public Policy at O.P. Jindal Global University, the entire episode has stunned the Indian government. "As an individual, I find it completely undesirable and adverse. The fact that the Indian government has selected to react in a formal manner shows the seriousity of the allegations," he told. "The US is a nation of paradoxes. On one hand they urge and encourage personal liberties but current events demonstrate their poor track record in defensive the rights of people," he added.

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