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Newly Revealed Virus kills 45 Globally

A lately discovered SARS like virus has taken life of 45 people worldwide. The virus, which has been founded just about in Gulf countries, is disturbing scientists as they are not able to determine the origin and nature of the virus. After swine flu and avian flu, Mers - a new transformed strain of the coronavirus, which has knock the Gulf countries, is also upsetting the people as not much is known about it. 85 cases have been stated from four Gulf countries such as Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Irregular cases have also resulted in Germany, UK and France. The latest deaths have been reported from Saudi Arabia. Those suffered with the virus developed stern pneumonia along with fever, cough and shortness of inhalation. It is not precisely recognized how people contracted this disease, but so far, it has simply been through close physical touch from ill people. Most of the cases reported were of the older men with underlying health circumstances. Unlike swine flu, its extended has been rather slow. The World Health Organization has called it a risk to the world. "The WHO organized an emergency meeting of global experts in Geneva, for the first time since the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic," Dr Om Srivastava, Head - Infectious Diseases, Jaslok Hospital, told CNN-IBN. The Saudi government has prudence the aged who are building the HAJ pilgrimage. Air India has also declared a spherical advising its staff to keep hygiene and stay away from proximity with the passengers. Meanwhile the staff is not pleased with the move. "That's not sufficient - we travel in closed space, which adds to risk a cabin crew member said. The situation is still developing but even though there are more questions than answers, the WHO has strained that there is no require to panic yet.

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