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San Pedro Sula Most Dangerous City

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras – Is well reserved only for crimes in all over the world. The cities of the same country are compounded by varied crimes ranging from drug cartel killings, rampant extortion and gang violence. Fear and the game of killing are nothing like a big deal for the majority in this country. Honduras has turned out one of the worst and dangerous countries on the earth with a centric record of 86 slayings per 100,000 inhabitants a year as per 2011 UN reports; where San Pedro Sula is among the most violent city of Honduras with maximum numbers of murder case. In this whole conceptual of perilous game, MS-13 is one of the main causes known by Mara Salvatrucha gang that has played major role in causing violent in the country of Honduras. The concern authority has declared in its solemn words that the gang of drug trafficking, extortion and murder has really become uncontrollable that finally turned the country in the state of complete fear.

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