Baisakhi also known as Vaisakhi, is celebrated as one of the most important Sikh festivals as the day reminds about the foundation of the khalsa panth. Marking a new season of harvesting and the start of a new solar year, every year is recognized as an annual religious festival known as the baisakhi by the Sikh. This holiday is extremely special for all the Sikhs as it also plays an important religious significance. India is a country of celebrations. There are hundreds and thousands of festivals celebrated in India among which basisakhi is one of the most admired and awaited festivals for the farmers and Sikh community as it marks an important harvesting season. Baisakhi is an ancient harvest festival celebrated across the northern Indian subcontinent, especially in Punjab areas. The festival plays a significant role for the Sikhs as the khalsa was founded on the same day in the year 1699, therefore Sikhs celebrate this holiday twice as much by preparing traditional dishes, doing bhangra and practicing various other Sikh traditions, rituals and customs.

Apart from the bhangra that is a common part of the day, baisakhi is also famous for fairs and events also known as ‘Mela’ in Punjab. Colorful and entertaining fairs are organized throughout Punjab during baisakhi which feature innumerable recreational activities, and traditional shopping stuff that attracts one and all with its elegance and soothing beauty. Men and women dressed in their typically folk attire can be seen doing bhangra and gidda all throughout the day across the northern region in india. Sweets and various other traditional dishes are given great consideration on the day and are distributed among friends and relatives as a part of old but important baisakhi tradition.


Baisakhi Festival Cards

Baisakhi festival cards are in intrinsic part of this religious and seasonal holiday. Though,. The festival of VaIsakhi is celebrated in Punjab with great joy, and merriment but the celebration can also be seen in many parts of India and abroad where Punjabis reside. The tradition of exchanging baisakhi cards among friends and family may not be much older but today, sending and exchanging baisakhi cards have become an important traditional activity among the people celebrating baisakhi. Apart from the religious significance, the day is popularly known as the seasonal festival; therefore the baisakhi cards commonly feature colorful, bright and fresh crops. Today, internet has served the man with almost all he has desired for. Baisakhi cards can also be availed from the internet at no extra cost. People staying away from their homes, can choose to send baisakhi cards over the internet from location to another in just a few seconds of time. Baisakhi 2015 will be celebrated on April 13. So, plan your day and enjoy the seasonal taste of the holiday with friends and family.