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Chinese New Year Animals

The Chinese Astrology and Zodiac uses the concept of a sixty year cycle. This 60-year cycle consists of two separate and distinctive 12-year cycles which are in constant interaction with each other. The first of these two cycles is formed of ten heavenly stems, which are the Yin and Yang forms of the five fixed elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, in the right order. The second of these is the cycle of twelve animals, which are in the right order as - rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The Chinese Zodiac called as Sheng Xiao (in Chinese language) assigns an animal and an element to every year of its lunar calendar.

There are certain specific chinese new year animals meanings. The best and reputed qualities of these chinese new year animals, are said to be possessed by the persons partially. Chinese astrology emphasizes the use of Four Pillars method for the best and most accurate astrological calculations. Therefore, the chinese new year animals are not the only criterion for the Chinese astrology calculations. The chinese new year animals are believed to offer information about the family background and ancestors of the person, and also about the early ages and childhood of the person. However, the Animal assigned to the Birth Hour (Called as the Secret Animal), is believed to represent most accurately the nature and behavior of the person, because of being determined by the smallest denominator the hour of the birth.

Chinese New Year Animals 2013

The Chinese Zodiac assigns an animal and an element to every New Year of its lunar calendar. The chinese new year animals chart contains twelve different animals as mentioned above, in the right order. Dragon is one of the chinese new year animals 2013, according to the Chinese astrology and horoscope. The Chinese New Year 2013, is the year of Dragon and the heavenly stem Yang Water, and begins on the January 23, 2013.

Chinese New Year Animals Zodiac

The Chinese Astrology uses the Four Pillars method for the most comprehensive and accurate astrological calculations. This method of Four Pillars or Columns was developed during the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), and is widely used today in the Feng Shui Astrology and in making the general astrological analysis, not only in China, but also in several East Asian countries and other countries of the world. The first pillar of the four pillars method, denotes the Year Animal and Element, the second pillar refers to the Month Animal (also known as Inner Animal) and Element. Similarly, the third pillar and the fourth pillar refer to the Day Animal and Element, and the Hour Animal (also called as Secret Animal) and Element respectively.

Each of the Four Pillars has been given an animal and an element, categorized by the Year of the birth, the Month of the birth, the Day of the birth, and the Hour of the birth. Therefore, a person born in the year of Rabbit or Dragon, not only possesses the reputed characteristics of it, but also of some more animals such as the Inner Animal and Secret Animal. The influence and effects of the Yin and Yang forms of the Fixed Elements are also taken into accounts, for the most accurate and reliable astrological calculations.