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Chinese New Year Symbols

In China too, there are some chinese new year symbols which mark and imply beginning of a new period; new and fresh optimism; invite and promote health, wealth, luck, peace, happiness, and prosperity all along the year. The use of these chinese new year symbols, is certainly an extra benefit, for all that these influence and offer. The section below gives information about all various types of traditional and modern chinese new year symbols, including the chinese new year symbols 2013.

Chinese New Year Symbols For Kids

The most liked and admired chinese new year symbols for kids are - Chinese zodiac new year animal of the year, Chinese lunar calendar, Lucky Money Red Envelope, New Year Gifts, and some of the Lucky Chinese Characters.

Chinese New Year Symbols Chart

The immensely famous and popular chinese new year symbols, fall in the following categories of symbols or objects:

Lucky Chinese Characters: There is a variety of auspicious, lucky, and prosperous Chinese Characters, which are used for adorning homes, houses, offices, shops, and other objects and buildings, especially around the occasion of Chinese New Year. Below is given the chinese new year symbols chart, together with the usual or most prominent chinese new year symbols meanings:

  • Fu – Good Luck and Fortune: It is one of the most popular chinese new year symbols, widely and commonly displayed in homes and shops. Fu (This phonic part of the character is Pinyin for good luck in Chinese) is posted either normally or the upside down position, to invite or promote good luck and fortune.
  • Lu – Encourages Prosperity
  • Xi – Invites and promotes Happiness
  • Shou – Offers Longevity
  • He – Makes others Harmonious
    • Ai – Shows Love and Affection
    • Mei – Pretty, Beautiful
    • Ji – Auspicious and Lucky
    • De – Implies Nobility

The Zodiac Symbol of the Year: The Chinese Zodiac animal of the year finds place among the striking chinese new year symbols for kids. As there is a different Chinese new year animal each year, attraction to this Chinese new year symbol is ever present. There are made several types of crafts, paintings, paper cuts, coins, and stickers and stamps, taking the zodiac animal of the year as main character. The Chinese Zodiac animal of the year 2013 is Dragon.

Flowers: Flowers have been closely associated with the culture of China, and these are among the most impressive chinese new year symbols. Plum Blossoms and Water Narcissus are such symbols highly appreciated by Chinese people. Plum Blossoms signify revival, optimism, and great courage, while the Water Narcissus implies good luck and opulence.

Paintings of Blessings: The most well-liked Paintings of Blessings are - Fish (symbol of wealth), Bat (symbol of good fortunes) Pine Tree (symbol of longevity), and Lotus Seeds (symbol of having many sons).

Pictures of Gods: These chinese new year symbols bear pictures of diverse Gods and Deities believed to be in charge of different activities and aspects of the daily life of people.

Chinese Lunar Calendar: Based on the cycles of the moon, the Chinese lunar calendar is one among the prominent chinese new year symbols. This one of the most popular chinese new year symbols for kids, bears the dates of the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese calendar. The dates of Chinese lunar calendar are printed in Chinese numerals, and the Gregorian dates in the Arabic numerals.