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Chinese New Year Traditions

The chinese new year festival is perhaps the longest new year celebration in the whole world, lasting for about 15 (fifteen) days leading up to the world-famous Lantern Festival of China. The chinese new year traditions, too, are therefore, quite interesting, heartfelt, and imaginative, performed for the most gratifying celebration of this biggest festival of the year. These time-honored chinese new year traditions are deeply-rooted and commonly followed by Chinese people living in China or in countries all across the world. Though these New Year traditions slightly vary from regions to regions in China, there are some universally carried out Chinese New Year traditions and rituals, common in all across the country. These Chinese new year traditions include - Thorough Cleaning of Home and its premises; Painting and adorning Walls and Doors, and buildings; Decoration of Doors and Windows with paper-cuts and calligraphic couplets expressing the themes of life’s renewal, joys of spring, happiness, wealth, and prosperity; New Clothes; Firework Displays and hanging the strings of colorful lights, to create appropriate celebratory ambiance; Tradition of Sumptuous Family Dinner on the new year’s eve; Consumption of chinese new year traditional food items; Exchanging chinese new year traditional gifts, and new year greetings; Offering Hong Bao (Lucky Money) to children and younger people; Seeking blessings of the aged and elders; and wishing all close and remote people health, wealth, good luck, and prosperity in the New Year. Thus, the chinese new year traditions are rich and impressive indeed!

Chinese New Year Traditional Gifts

There are several things which are commonly considered auspicious and lucky in all across the country of China. Such things are immensely popular as the chinese new year traditional gifts. Again red color is the most appreciated auspicious and lucky color of China, especially during the chinese new year traditional festival (also called the Spring Festival of China). The most popular chinese new year traditional food items are Chicken, Fish, Jiaozi, Nian Gao, and Tang Yuan.

In addition to a wide range of chocolates, biscuits, cakes, candies, and cookies, various types of small gifts, and a variety of fruits and blooming plants, are the most commonly popular chinese new year traditional gifts. The following are highly appreciated and hugely popular Chinese new year traditional gifts:

  • Bamboo Plants
  • Peach Blossoms
  • Pineapple
  • Double Dragons Seal Carving
  • Chinese Tea Sets and Mats
  • Chinese Calligraphy Art Works
  • Beautiful Handicraft Items
  • Wooden Chop Sticks
  • Bamboo Hats
  • Cane Umbrellas
  • Red Chinese Lantern
  • Jewelry Items (such as Necklace, Pendant, Rings, Ear Rings, etc.)
  • High-Tech Gadgets ( such as Laptops, iPods, Camera, and so on)

Chinese New Year Traditions for Kids

Among the most popular and cherished chinese new year traditions for kids, is the tradition of giving Lucky Money in red envelope or package to the children and other younger persons. This lucky money is also given to adult persons and married persons by elders around the occasion of Chinese new year, as a means for wishing wealth and prosperity to them in the entire new year. Another most impressive and inspiring chinese new year tradition is visiting to the elders and the aged people to get their heartfelt blessings, for happiness and opulence in days of coming new year. These chinese new year traditions for kids are elegant for making them kind and generous citizen.