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Christmas carols

Christmas carols are not the same as Christmas music. It is normally seen that Christmas carols are related with the Christmas music but No! They both differ from each other. Christmas carols are more of traditional ones and are usually sung on the Christmas day but when it comes to Christmas music, they are lyrics with music along with christmas theme and can sung anytime. Christmas music is normally seen played on the Christmas parties but christmas carols are of utmost respect because they were long ago adopted by the church and the tradition of singing the christmas carols in church throughout the christmas season is still on. If you are bored of listening the same old music everyday on television and radio, switch on to Christmas carols and you will definitely experience stress-free and relaxing feelings throughout the day. Rock music might be some of yours favorite but the spiritual, positive, motivational, inspirational and uplifting spirits that the christmas carols bring in you is truly stupendous.

Traditional Christmas Carols

Traditional christmas carols include both religious and secular songs. The words of traditional christmas carols lyrics may sometimes range from humorous to classic depending upon the types of christmas carols but the spiritual and positive feelings that each traditional christmas carol brings all over the christmas season is truly exceptional but in fact, a must have during the christmas time. The traditional christmas carols weave up warm and beautiful essence in the environment recalling all the memories of christmas past along with helping us remember the true cause of the christmas eve. Christmas has always been a special time for all ages. It is a festive time all over the world because Christians are spread out everywhere and in every part of the country. Whether be a kid, teenager, adult or an old age, everyone waits for the month of December as this end month of the year brings along two greatest and popular occasions celebrated all over the world. Some of the famous and most sung traditional carols are:

    • Oh, little town of Bethlehem
    • Away in a manger
    • Hark, the herald angels sing
    • Angels from the realms of glory
    • Christmas time is here
    • Angels we have heard on high
    • Christians awake
    • Ding dong merrily on high

History of Christmas Carols

History of christmas carols is not very clear yet but it is believed that the golden age of English carols was followed since circa 1350 to 1550. Moreover, the popularity of christmas carols took its rise during the 14th century and the theme of the christmas carols during that time often revolved around a saint, the Christ child or the virgin Mary and now having already known, most of the things have changed. Moving towards the 15th century, this century was considered as the period of art music and the Christmas carols played an important role in the English medieval music. Additionally, by the end of 15th century, the fayrfax manuscript, a court songbook was written that mainly featured Christmas carols signifying passion of Christ. Today, carols are regularly sung at most of the churches drawing the attention of everyone towards the real cause and meaning of the Christmas Eve.