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Christmas Flowers

Christmas flowers, in general, evince and evoke purity, beauty, grace, delicacy, and great subtlety. The very sight and looks of these traditional Christmas flowers are elegant for making us pleased, intelligent, and happy; while the short life of these flowers inspires in us selfless generosity and the sense of meaningfulness of life. All these facts are in close conformity with the noble spirit of Christmas.

Immensely famous and popular traditional Christmas flowers boast of their luxuriant blossoming around the happy and great season of magnificent Christmas. The most liked and preferred Christmas flowers and plants for the purposes of Christmas decorations and gift-presentations are poinsettia, holly, ivy, Christmas cactus, Christmas rose, mistletoe, amaryllis, rosemary, and paper whites. Some of these flowers are hugely popular as Christmas flowers centerpieces.

The most commonly used traditional Christmas plants in all across the Christian world are poinsettia, holly, ivy, mistletoe, olive, wheat, pomegranates, radish, pohutukawa tree, and opium poppy pods. The majority of these traditional flowers and plants are used and presented for good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Traditional Christmas Flowers

The Mexican Poinsettia is perhaps the most famous and popular traditional Christmas flower in all across the world. Bursting into very beautiful star-shaped flowers around the Christmas time, poinsettia flowers are found in a variety of brilliant red, green, white, and pink colors. In North America, Mexican poinsettia is popularly known as the Christmas flower, and the poinsettias are the top selling potted flowering plants throughout it. The ancient Aztecs recognized poinsettia flower as the symbol of purity, and later on, Mexican recommended it as the Christmas Eve Flower. According to a legend, these lovely flowers poinsettias were first presented to the baby Christ on Christmas Eve by a poor Mexican girl named Pepita, as her best possible gift.

Traditionally used for decorating home and houses, Holly plants and flowers are widely used in all over the world during the festival of Christmas for home decoration and as gifts. Found in the bright red and green colors, holly flowers are considered to symbolize masculinity.

The Christmas cactus is one of the most prominent and popular traditional Christmas flowers and plants used all across the world. Also known as the Orchid Cactus, its pendulous stems are widely used for hanging baskets during the Christmas festival. Here, it may be noted that there are a variety of cactus species available which are commonly sold saying that to be the Christmas cactus. Some of these cactus species are Schlumbergera kautskyi, microsphaerica, or opuntioides.

The Christmas rose (Serissa) is considered as the true Christmas flower in some regions of the world. This beautiful rose blossoms in winter around the season of Christmas, and is also known as the ‘winter rose’ or ‘snow rose’. Said to be originated in the tropical regions of Asia, There is a famous legend of a shepherdess and three wise men connected with this traditional Christmas flower.

Another traditional and immensely popular Christmas flower is Ivy. Ivy flowers imply powers of femininity. While associated with the Holly flowers (which signify masculinity), these ivies bring good luck, and faithful and long lasting loving relationship, and all-round familial bliss.

Mistletoe plant pertaining to Pagans, commands a glorious history of being used in the winter celebrations of Druid priests, long before the birth of Jesus Christ. Today, mistletoe is one of the most liked traditional Christmas flowers and plants for happy and impressive celebration of the great annual festival Christmas.