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Easter 2014

The Easter Sunday or Easter is perhaps the most sacred and top most religious festival of Christians of the world over, and hugest popular at par with the Christmas. This festival of Easter commemorates and celebrates the resurrection of the Jesus Christ, and is therefore, a festival which inspires life and dynamism from death and lethargy, and instills in people bright and creative optimism through averting the gloomy pessimism present in them. Thus, Easter Sunday is really a great feast and festival for greater enthusiasm and cheerfulness, brighter life, and happier world. Consequently, Easter Sunday is observed as a prime public holiday in most of the Christian countries of the world, including US, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc. To top the festive delight of Easter Sunday in the year 2014, the dates of Easter for both Western and Orthodox Christians got coincided. Ours service organization of global popularity and repute wishes a very bright and happy Easter 2014 to Christians of the world over!

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Easter Sunday is a movable festival, as it does not occur on the same date every year, both on the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar. As per the First Council of Nicaea (325), Easter is strictly observed on the very first Sunday coming after the Paschal Full Moon (which occurs on or just after the March Equinox or Vernal Equinox). The 14th of the paschal lunar month is conventionally known as the paschal full moon. Ecclesiastically, the equinox has been reckoned to occur on 21 March every year, which can be different from the date of the astronomical full moon. Therefore, the Western Christians who follow the Gregorian calendar celebrate Easter every year on any Sunday falling in between the time-spell of March 22 to April 25. And, the Eastern Christians whose calculations are based on the Julian calendar, celebrate Easter between the time April 04 and May 08 of the Gregorian calendar. The date of March 21 (Vernal Equinox) on the Julian calendar currently (from 1900 to 2099) corresponds to the 3th April in the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, the date of Easter for the Eastern Orthodox Christians often comes after the date of Easter celebrated by the Western (Catholic and Protestant) Christians on the Gregorian calendar. But, very fortunately, in the year 2014, both the Eastern and the Western Christians will be celebrating their Easter Sunday on the same date of April 20 of the Gregorian calendar! Thus, the date of easter 2014 is April 20, for all Christians of the world over.

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