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Friendship Day 2012

Friendship Day is a special and exclusive day celebrated in the respect of one of the most cherished and magnificent relationships in human life named Friendship. Friends are essential for living life candidly, co-operatively, socially, and meaningfully. These are friends to whom we express even the deepest feelings, and share joys and sorrows of life. Every life contains within it ups and downs, changing familial, circumstantial, and social scenarios during the course of life. Under these situations, friends are the persons who remain connected with us, and offer their valuable and wise help, suggestions, succor, and advice, for well-being, survival, and well-rounded progress of us. Friends are great companion in times of sorrows, frustrations, loneliness, and failures, which are frequent and inevitable during the strenuous and uncertain course of life. Friends are among the few near and dear persons who help us whole-heartedly and selflessly in times of difficulties and adversities. Thus, true friends are dependable and magnificent life-time companions, we luckily find in life. In today’s highly materialistic and mercenary societies and world, the importance and meaningfulness of true friends and enduring generous friendship have increased exponentially. Celebrate friendship day 2012, in some special, unusual, and memorable way to express real and vast respect and gratitude to friends and the generous relationship of friendship.

When Is Friendship Day?

Persons of all around the world easily keep in mind the occasion of friendship day or the friendship day date every year. No one requires asking “when is friendship day” in any coming year (for example, when is friendship day in 2012?). It is also because the date of friendship day is fixed and remains the same every year. As usual, the friendship day in 2012 will be celebrated with new and great enthusiasm and gratitude on the first Sunday of August.

Every person, a child, young, or old, has friends. Depending upon the age, occupation, financial and social status, cultures, and conventional ethics, etc., friendship day is celebrated differently by different persons, but, spirit and aim of observing the friendship day remains the same to all friends of the world over. School children, college and university students, and professionals of all diverse sectors enjoy friendship day in the best possible ways as per their available resources and facilities. Today, for expressing greetings and gratitude, there are ready online friendship day e-cards or printable friendship day cards for people of all ages, tastes, status, and outlooks. The friendship day gifts are also available in the market forming a wide range of variety. We offer online these all friendship day 2012 cards and e-cards, to help friends of all ages in expressing their noble friendship feelings most decently.

Who created World Friendship Day?

The present tradition of observing friendship day was started in the United States in the year 1935. Celebration of friendship day became highly appreciated, admired, and popular in other countries of all across the world, gradually and slowly. A day observed in the respects of friends once in a year, is indeed a deeply impressive and winsome idea. Friends deserve affection, care, love, concern, and gratitude, for their invaluable empathy, help, and advice over uncountable subjects and things encountered in life from time to time. The great and laudable role of friends and friendship has been described and portrayed in epics like Bible and Mahabharata (renowned Hindu epic) in the changing vicissitude of life.