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Friendship Day 2014

The Friendship Day is the only precious day of the whole year which is dedicated to the love, support, and honor of the friends, for paying due gratitude to them. Today, this friendship day is gaining popularity fast in countries worldwide, especially the South American countries (such as Paraguay) and many South Asian countries, particularly India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. In this webpage, we are providing all necessary and informative information about the friendship day, especially the friendship day 2014, importance and practical benefits of this friendship day, and various ways of celebrating this very touching and connecting day of the year for friends.

In most of the south Asian countries including India, the friendship day is celebrated commonly on the first Sunday of August every year. Thus, in these countries, the friendship day in 2014 will be observed on August 03, 2014. These countries celebrate this friendship festival according to a tradition that started in US in 1919 or 1935. In the international arena, the first World Friendship Day was celebrated in Paraguay on July 30, 1958. In light of this, the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously declared this date of July 30, as the Official International Friendship Day, on April 27, 2011. In some countries like Ohio and Oberlin, the friendship date or day is set on April 08, every year. Thus, the answer to the question, when is friendship day?, is different in different countries. For India, the answer to the question when is friendship day 2014, is August 03, 2014. And, at international level, this answer is July 30, 2014. Whatever be the date of this gregarious festival, today this is spreading fast to a greater number of countries every year, by means of Friendship Greeting Cards and e-Cards, mobile phones, and Internet.

This special day of the year for friends is not less in importance than a festival, for maintaining rapport with close friends, sharing joys and sorrows of life, living life in congenial support and cool shadow of them, and serving the spirit of humanity and fraternity for success and prosperity of all friends. Bible, Mahabharata, mythical legends, and folktales of the world over, all consider true friendship as a very supportive relationship for living a gregarious and congenial social life, for achieving inspiration and success, and living a creative and meaningful life in society. Therefore, the friendship day should be celebrated very enthusiastically to pay due respects to the helps and supports of the friends, congeniality and generosity of friends, and to promote noble and benevolent feelings of true and selfless friendship in society.

Today, traditional and the most popular ways of celebrating friendship day are exchanging the friendship day greetings and gifts; spending some time in congenial and warm company of one’s friends, and sharing one’s ideas and opinions about things of life; participating in the friendship day party which could be organized at home, office, school and college, restaurant or hotel, club, farmhouse, or any exotic place of choice. The friendship day celebrations are common in persons of all ages, and are dependent on specific circumstances of people. The traditional gifts for the friendship day are flowers, wrist bands, friendship day cards and e-cards; and the modern gifts are perfumes, hand-crafted gifts of art and crafts, decorative objects, books, items of personal uses, jewelry items, friendship day gift baskets, and various other items or things to suit the requirement and personality of one’s friend. Ours globally famous and reputed service firm of India has been offering information about the most popular and unique friendship day gifts, in addition to providing a rich variety of printable friendship day e-cards and lapidary and deeply impressive friendship day messages, to help our visitors of the world over.