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Halloween Activities

Celebrated annually on 31st October, Halloween is a holiday which commonly includes activities like trick o treat, carving pumpkins, attending bon fire, visiting haunted places, attending costume parties, playing pranks and watching horror movies. There have been two thriller movies by the name of Halloween in Hollywood.

Halloween is a mix of ancient Celtic practices, Catholic, Roman and European folklore and traditions. A lot of superstitions are attached with Halloween along with merry making. It is believed that Halloween started with the Celtic tribes of Ireland. They believed that the line between the living and the dead could be dangerous for the living, and since from November 1st, their new year begun, they lit bonfires where the bones of the slaughtered livestock similar to the modern day festival, new clothe were adorned, along with masks and costumes, and people dressed up as evil, in order to hoodwink the sprits and ward them off.

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Trick o treat is a customary celebration among kids on Halloween. The ritual is that, kids are guised and go from house to house asking trick o treat? Some places, the ‘trick’ refers to a prank the kids would play if no treat were given. At other places, the children have to perform a trick to earn their treats. The masquerade parties are a hit during Halloween. Halloween calls for revelry and strenuous fun which every one enjoy, starting from kids to grownups. The Halloween costume parties call in for all kinds of guising, and have increasingly seen people being guised as popular movie characters.

Dunking or apple bobbing is a very popular Halloween activity in which apples float in a tub of water and people take them out using their teeth. Another fun Halloween activity is where treacle or syrup coated scones are hung up with the help of a rope, and people have to eat it without using their hands, and ends up being very funny!

The superstitions attached with Halloween are all very interesting and amusing. Barmbrack, Bonfire toffee, candy apples, candy corn, caramel apples, caramel corns, colcannon, and novelty candies shaped in various forms like skulls, pumpkins, bats etc, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted sweet corns and soul cakes are the most popular foods related to Halloween.

Halloween Activities for School

Halloween school activities are the Halloween art activities one can perform in school, for kids, not only must they be fun filled, but should also prove as a learning lesson for the kids.Halloween brain teasers, which include mathematical puzzles, can be a nice Halloween classroom activity.

Halloween art activities could include card making, jewelry making and all the crafts which could help explore the child’s creativity. Ghost pins, delicious treat cups, finger puppets, egg carton spiders, paper bag pirate, paper bag haunted house and Halloween cards are all the various crafts kids can be encouraged to make. They can also use this as gifts on the Halloween festival.Halloween board games are fun Halloween classroom activities, as they can involve a lot of students, and everyone gets to participate.