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Halloween Costumes

What’s a ghost without a suitably spooky garb? As any actress worth her salt will tell you, it’s the costume that’s makes the impact. And when it’s for the spookiest party of the year you need nothing less than the scariest makes to make the most unique Halloween costume. And these need not burn a hole in your pocket.

Cheap Halloween costumes can be made right at home. Only remember, just as accessories can make or break a costume, the right prop goes a long way in getting the look. Just let your imagination go. So hang up the jack-o'-lanterns and party.

Halloween costumes for kids

Interestingly Halloween was originally promoted as a children’s holiday with the Halloween costumes mainly aimed at children. Inspiration can be drawn from a number of sources. From the historical to the more popular icons, kids are often full of ideas. While old superheroes like Superman and the Star War remain ever popular, one can pick up more recent popular characters like Harry potter. For the scary factor choose the evil wizards like Snape and Voldemort. Girls can dress as Hermoine. To make cheap Halloween costumes use material available in your home.

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Props like wands for the wizards and light sabers for Star War characters can be easily made at home. The other popular idea this year can be vampire costumes. Given the current fang fascination this is a sure winner. While Count Dracula has always been popular at this time of the year, the current crop of vampires can be a welcome change. The other popular ideas are witch costumes, zombie costumes, clown costumes. Another popular choice is Alice in Wonderland. Like the book, it remains forever contemporary. Be Alice, the Queen of Hearts or the Mad Hatter. Just pick up the book and make a choice.

No matter what the character, Halloween costumes for infants end up looking cute. Two popular choices here are Dr Seuss characters or animal costumes like bunnies.

Go historical; be contemporary or go funny, Halloween can be the perfect excuse for what women like to do anyway: dress up and party. The beheaded Queen Anne Boleyn is suitably tragic and can be spooked up. But scary need not be frumpy. Strut your stuff with some sexy Halloween costumes. There are the predictable French maid costumes, plaid-skirted schoolgirl costumes. The Playboy bunny is the other choice that has remained popular.

Or be one of the mutants a la Mystique. A bit daring, but if one has the body that just needs blue paint, why not? Or be safer and stick to Storm. Just as sexy, but perhaps not as cheap!

Popular icons also form a ready inspiration. And perhaps, no other celebrity deserves the Halloween Icon tag more than Lady Gaga. Her meat costume just begs for Halloween re-incarnation. Or go for her alien resurrection complete with the eggs and the horns.

Men can take their pick from sexy vampires to chalky zombies. Given the spate of superheroes in popular culture, there is no dearth of inspiration for men’s costumes. Choose from Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman, Power Rangers, Watchmen comics. Or be a true Scary man: Frankenstein, Dracula or Hell boy.

Just remember the cardinal rule: carry the right props.