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Halloween Decoration

Halloween is one of the important festivals among the Christians which is grandly celebrated in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Canada and many other countries all across the world. The origin of Halloween lies in the Celtic culture. Last day of October is the Halloween Holiday. “Trick or Treat” is the most common expedition followed by the Christians on Halloween. During this people, either have to donate something or have to experience a terrible prank. Due to the historical commercialization going on across the globe, the flavour of tradition hardly remains in Halloween now. This festival is mostly preferred by the children celebrating it with feasts, parties and costumes.

Halloween is festival of enjoyment and amusement. Decoration is the most fundamental part of this celebration. Here are some good ideas of homemade Halloween decorations which will not only be cost effective but also consume a less time.

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Halloween lets you feel the experience of living in a spooky house which is haunted. The children wear varied costumes to scare their friends. Kids are delighted to enter into this world of their exciting fantasies. Homemade Halloween decorations give a personal touch to the stuff you craft at home.

A shuddery looking scarecrow in your courtyard will not be a bad idea to scare people. Take an old cloth, filling it with some synthetic cotton and stitch it into a circle. Draw a wicked face on the cloth and hang it with a rope on a tree. Watch out how you guests will get frightened!

Create a spice-chilling ambience in your room with the white pillow cases and hangers. Sketch a scary evil face on the white pillow cases. Make a hole on the top of the closed side of the pillow case. You can then make it slide with the help of the wire hangers. These spooky faces are enough to scare your guests.

Making a Jack-o-Lantern twist, an eerie pumpkin face, the scary crafted kitchen jars are some of the other homemade ideas of decoration during the Halloween.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Let’s discuss some of the Halloween party decoration ideas.

  • All the bright staring lights should be dimmed and some yellow bulbs should be put on four corners of the room. This will give a really scary look and feel to the room.
  • Put some brown papers on the windows. This will give it a protection from eggs which are tossed while the lights are on. The yellowish glow as a result of this will create shadows of anything that is propped against the windows.
  • You can spray red and black paints on the Jack-o-Lanterns to make horrifying scorch marks. Tree branches, hats and wigs as well as a knife can be pinned to these lanterns to make it look like a wicked witch.
  • Styron and several other materials can be used to decorate your room with scary popping red or white eyes. This is surely to give a spine chilling effect to your visitors.
  • Paper made or a piece of black cloth stuffed with cotton can be crafted to look like bats. These can be hanged everywhere in your room which will give a feel as if these creatures are flying scaring everyone!
  • Budget is of course a concern while decorating your Halloween Party. You can make paper cut outs of witches, bats, and ghosts and colour them accordingly to make it look really eerie! Stuffed scarecrow figures made out of rags or old grocery bags are also a good option as cheap Halloween decoration.