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Halloween Party

Halloween is mainly a fun holiday which is celebrated on the 31st October each year. People arrange a Halloween party on the due date. Halloween party is arranged all over the world especially in Ireland, Scotland, USA and Canada. People need Halloween party ideas for the successful arrangement of Halloween party. You don’t need a supernatural element or effort for your Halloween party if you plan properly. You have to do a lot of things like making the list of guest, determining the place for Halloween party, date & time for the party etc. Some of Halloween party ideas are mentioned below:


  • Make a guest list to be invited. Meet the guests and ask them that they will be available for Halloween Party or not. You should have the complete knowledge of actual number of guests.
  • Fix the place for Halloween Party based on convenience, availability, and age group.
  • Halloween Party invitation should be made by you. You can give a personal touch to the Halloween party invitation. You can make a haunted house on the invitation. You can draw a picture of blood dripping on the invitation. You can also include dress code or theme. Send Halloween party invitation one or two weeks ago
  • Arrange for some Halloween party games.
  • You can decorate the venue to make Halloween party attractive.

Halloween party ideas for kids:

  • You can take the help of kids in making the list of guests.
  • You can engage kids in crafting.
  • Offer kids to play Halloween party games.

There is no party without food. You may have a lot of ideas for Halloween party foods. You can include Spider Cake, Dracula’s Blood Pudding, and enough ice as your Halloween party foods. Some of Halloween party food ideas are mentioned here for your support:

  • You can serve finger foods which are available in Halloween colours as for examples baby carrots, cheddar cheese cubes black licorice, black barriers etc.
  • You can cut your Halloween party foods in shapes like ghosts, bats, cats and pumpkin.
  • You can place chips & dips such as salsa in utensils on the table.

Halloween Party Games

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Games have a special place in any party. Games create a funny environment in the party. Several games are concerned with Halloween party. Dunking, treat, quick recall, mummy wrap relay, the great popcorn challenge, cotton ball scoop, Halloween parade are some examples of Halloween party games. You have to decide which type of Halloween party games should be selected. Here, on this page, we are explaining two Halloween party games to play:

Quick Recall - put the theme related items on the tray. Display the tray to the guests for a moment and ask the guests to write down or call the names of items. You can take away one item and ask the guests to call out the missing item.

Dunking - Dunking is also known as apple bobbing. Keep the apples a large basin or a tub to float and ask the guests to use their teeth to replace the floating apples.

There are several other games like Feed the Monster, Mummy Wrapping Games, Kitty Costume Activity which can be included as Halloween party games.