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Hand Care

Hands are among the most important, vital, and most-used parts of our body. Wrists, palms, and fingers reveal many untold stories about our profession and life to persons around us at a single glance. Even through our health is sound and clothes are fancy, unkempt hands, palms, and fingers, can instantly make our impression down. Therefore, there is a true and great need for looking after our hands and nails properly. Below are given some easy, quick, and wise nail and hand care tips.

Homely Remedies For Hand Care

In below are discussed some easy, quick, and excellent homely remedies for natural hand care and dry hand care, in order to find soft and glowing hands, and shiny nails:

  • To get soft and lustrous skin of palms and hands, soak these for few minutes in lukewarm water mixed with 1 tsp of Glycerin, juice of one Lemon, and 5 (five) drops of Rose Water.
  • For clean, healthy, and shiny nails, soak your fingers for some 10 minutes in pleasantly warm water, mixing in it juice of one Lemon, 1 tbsp of quality Aloe Vera Gel, and about 10 (ten) drops of Lemon Essence Oil.
  • The blend of Glycerin and Cucumber Juice when applied on hands and palms, gives moisture and fresh look to these.
  • Another great hand care tip for beautiful skin of wrists and palms is the application of a mixture of Milk Cream, Ground Almond, Lemon Juice, and Glycerin.
  • The mixture of Orange juice and Honey possesses AHA, can also provide safety to your hands from the harsh sun rays and avert sun tanning, in addition to moisturizing the skin.

Hand Care Tips

The first and most important hand care tip is that hands and nails are to be taken care of as a daily ancillary routine, along with caring and beautifying one’s body and face. The following are the most important and elegant hand care tips, for soft, supple, beautiful, and glowing hands and nails:

  • For washing your hands, always use a Mild pH Soap (pH of 7 or less). After washing your hands apply Hand Lotion immediately to avoid dehydration of it and the formation of dry wrinkles.
  • Exposure to the sun rays for prolonged time, alone is a potential source of harm and damage to body skins, including hand skin. Therefore whenever possible apply an efficient Sunscreen Lotion or Sun-block Cream (having SPF – 15 or more) before stepping out of home.
  • Scrubbing hands using mild and soft scrub at least once a week, is very beneficial. For this purpose one can use Cornmeal, Facial Exfoliators, or CND Almond Moisturizing scrub. Apply Face Cream, or Cuticle Balm or Oil to your hands and cuticles before going to bed at night, frequently in a week.
  • Whenever washing dishes, using chemicals, doing rough household or gardening works, please take care to wear suitable hand gloves (most often rubber gloves or cotton gloves) for great safety to the skins of your hands. Wearing cotton gloves to keep the skins of your hands away from the sun rays, dust, chemicals, or other polluting elements, especially while travelling in open air, is an important hand care measure.
  • Take special care of your hands in the winter season. Keep these well moisturized, and soft through applying Cold Cream, and other oils and lotions regularly to protect these from the drying and harsh weather of the season. Whenever possible, use hand gloves (woolen) to do so.
  • The deficiency of vitamin B results in ridged Nail beds. While the deficiency of calcium makes nails dry and brittle which could easily chip off. Therefore, eating food items which contain an adequate amount of vitamin B and Calcium is advisable. Again, people may choose to apply Nail Buffer once or twice a month, with a view to get nails free of ridges, smooth and shiny.
  • Some special treatments such as Herbal Therapies and Warm Oil Bath are also available for proper and perfect hand care, both natural hand care and dry hand care.