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Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth - Strengthening marital bonds!

A very important Hindu festival, Karwa Chauth is basically a fast kept by married women and girls that are engaged. This fast is kept by them in order to seek the blessings of divine deities and to ensure the well being, long life and prosperity of their better half.

This festival holds a great significance from social as well as cultural point of view. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. The husbands are also excited along with their wives and enthusiastically offer many gifts to them on this auspicious occasion.

In Punjabi community, this day brings a lot of joy and happiness especially for newlywed couples. This festival is however not restricted to Punjabi community only and is celebrated within many Hindu communities of North India. The festival is now days also celebrated by people of other communities as media has commercialized this occasion.

Karwa Chauth Significance

The fast of Karwa Chauth holds great significance for all Indian married women. They have a firm belief that observing this fast will ensure good health, longevity and prosperous life. Although when this concept came into existence, the idea behind it was very noble and meant to bring husband and wife together.

In earlier times, the marriages were solemnized at a very early age. When a young girl reaches her in laws place, she is fearful about her new surroundings. She is very conscious and as such unable to speak to her in laws and for that matter, her husband. This festival was started with an idea to bring the whole family closer and develop a strong bond between husband and wife.

Mother-n-law gives their daughter-in-laws “sargi” or sumptuous food early in the morning as then for the whole day they are not allowed to eat or drink anything. They can open their fast only after performing “puja” in the evening. Women dress up nicely in the evening, apply henna on their hands, wear lots of jewellery and make suitable preparations for evening puja. Women listen to the story of Karva Chauth attentively. After the puja, they look at the moon, offer water and sweets and then look at the face of their husbands through a sieve. Then with the hands of their husbands, women take a sip of water and open their fast.

Women then have a wonderful feast along with their family members. The day culminates with lot of fun, laughter, happiness and gaiety.

Karwa Chauth Cards

These days many greeting card companies come up with beautiful Karwa Chauth greeting cards. The cards come with wonderful, heartwarming messages that reflect the feelings of a person from the bottom of their hearts. These cards are a good way of wishing “Happy Karwa Chauth” to their spouses. Many times, husband is not there with their wives during this occasion. The wife can also send a Karwa Chauth e-card in such situation. On receiving this card, your soul mate will feel on the top of the world and you will share a better bond.

Karwa Chauth date usually falls in the months of October and November. Karwa Chauth 2014 is falling on 11th November.