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Mahashivratri - Night of Shiva!

A Hindu festival, Mahashivratri is celebrated every year on 13th or 14th day of Krishna Paksha or waning moon. This day usually falls in the months of Maagha or Phalguna in Hindu calendar. Followers of Hindu religion celebrate this day with great joy and enthusiasm. God Shiva is offered Bilva leaves, milk, sweets and fruits. Fast is observed for the whole day. It is believed that this day God Shiva and Goddesses Parvati got married on this day. A highly auspicious day, it is believed to be the grand night of Shiva.

Customs and traditions are followed strictly on the day of Shivratri. Women worship Lord Shiva and ask for an ideal husband like him. Devotees rise early in the morning, take bath and chant mantras. People offer Mahashivratri greetings to each other and celebrate Mahashivratri festival with lot of devotion. This day brings lot of peace and happiness in mind of the devotees.

Meaning of Mahashivratri

Shiva refers to one’s innermost core. This day is supposed to be led in a very peaceful and happy state of mind. Shivratri also means a night of deep rest. One can rest and gain comfort from this meditative state of mind. With inner rest, a state of Samadhi is achieved that is referred to Shiva Sayujya.

Devotional songs are sung and chanting is done to make the Lord Shiva happy. Shiva lingam’s in the temples symbolizes a sign through which male, female and neutral are identified.

Since the Divine power is above or beyond these three genders hence the Divine is unigender or “Eklinga”. There is only one gender and that is “The Self” or the word “atma”.

It is said that on the auspicious day of Shivratri, the shakti of Lord Shiva merges with the universe.

The temper of Lord Shiva is very famous and is generally associated with destruction. But this concept of destruction is also taken in positive way and is considered to be as a symbol of new beginning. Anything new happens only when the old is destroyed.

TOur Earth or this creation of God Almighty is the dance of Lord Shiva. The famous Tandav nritya of Lord Shiva is considered to be his dance. This dance is believed to be the dance of consciousness. The wedding of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati is also considered to be transcendental. Shiva on one hand is the formless being whereas Parvati on the other hand is manifestation in the field. So Shivratri is the recognition of underlying dual nature of Brahmn.

Shivratri is the auspicious night on which one can celebrate their wakefulness which brings out the knowledge of our consciousness.

Mahashivratri Greeting Cards

Now days, the greeting cards to offer Mahashivratri wishes are available in market. The cards give messages such as “Choicest Blessings”, “You are blessed”, “Blessed Night” etc. E- Cards can also be sent to the loved ones on this auspicious day of Mahashivratri. Mahashivratri 2015 will be celebrated on 20th February. One this auspicious day, people will seek blessings of one of the Gods of Hindu Trinity, Lord Shiva.