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New Year Eve Cruises

Every person starts waiting very earlier for the upcoming New Year. People want to do lots of activities to welcome New Year. Some of people welcome the New Year at their home by arranging a party and inviting friends, relatives & colleagues for New Year Party while some want to go outside for celebrating it. New Year cruises are best choices for people who want to have fun outside and make their New Year celebration memorable. New Year Eve Cruises are exotic and filled with fun & adventures. It is you who have to decide what type of vacation you want to spend during New Year Cruises. You can go for private vacation or family vacation with friends & family members to enjoy New Year Cruises.

New Year Eve Holiday Cruises

New Year Eve holiday cruises will be best for celebrating New Year this year. A large number of cruise lines are across the world which offers a tour on New Year Eve. Cruise lines offer various types of services for New Year Holiday. They offer three and more than three hours cruise. They have premium open bar, party favors, wine & Champagne toast, and entertainment during New Year Eve cruise, arrangement of firecrackers for welcoming the New Year, etc. Select the one cruise line as your New Year Eve holiday cruise and celebrate this New Year in a very different way. Here, we are going to mention some of the best New Year Eve cruises:

World Yacht New Year Eve Cruise - Select this for three hours cruise. It is very popular for firecrackers. It offers various services like dinner, champagne toast, party favors, open bar, and music for having dance. It starts boarding from 9:00 pm and sailing from 10:00 pm. The sailing continues till 1:30 am. It charges 350 American Dollars per person.

Circle Line Sightseeing New Year Eve Cruise - Spend $ 120 per person and enjoy the boarding & sailing on one of Circle Line boats while celebrating and welcoming the New Year. You will enjoy party favors, open bars, music for entertainment, and champagne toast till midnight.

New York Water Taxi’s New Year’s Eve Cruise - Enjoy open bar, champagne toast, hor d'oeuvres, party favors, and music on spending of $ 120 per person. Welcome the New Year in a very different way while enjoying on New York Water Taxi.

Affairs Afloat New Year’s Eve Cruise - Book this floating night club on spending of $ 126 per person. You will have to pay higher ($ 144) after December 15 for booking of Affairs Afloat New Year’s Eve Cruise.

New Year Party Cruise

Any celebration without party is incomplete. Cruise lines organize New Year parties. At first you have to decide the country or city where you want to organize your New Year parties and then select a cruise based on your choice and budget. Welcome this New Year while sailing and enjoying the cruise.