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New Year Resolutions

A New Year Resolution is a solemn creative promise or determination made by an individual to abide by in the coming days of new year, for certain benefits or betterment of personal, professional, or social life. These are brave and ambitious new year resolutions, which have making lives of students, professionals, and intellectuals of any country, highly productive, successful, happy, and magnificent, since time immemorial. Started by the Babylonians, the new year resolutions are great means of self-improvement and making constant endeavor in the desired direction of progress.



Top New Year’s Resolutions

The following are the most popular and top new year’s resolutions made on the New Year’s Eve in all across the world for the above mentioned reasons. These also give you directions and suggestions about making your favorite new year resolutions 2015.

  • Keeping Up Good Health: Today, one of the most common new year resolutions, is restoring good health and maintaining the same throughout the year. The new year resolutions under this broad category are - Eating right and better; Quitting smoking; Drinking less alcohol or abandon it for good; Losing weight and obesity through regular exercise; Reduce tensions and overstress; and similar other health related new year resolutions.






  • Stable and Better Finance: Another most prominent category of popular new year resolutions, is about making the financial conditions more stable, and the financial status better. The new year resolutions falling under this category are – Making cost-effective expenditures; Becoming thrifty in necessary expenses; Trying to save some money; Getting out of debt; Curbing unnecessary expenses; And similar new year resolutions.
  • Self Improvement: Development of self-constraint and self-discipline, for the purposes of overall personality development and better habit culture, are among the creative new year resolutions taken by college students, professionals, and mature personalities, in all across the world. Becoming more disciplined and organized manage time creatively and efficiently, avoid futile gossips, etc. fall under this category of top new year’s resolutions.
  • Better Education and Career: Among the top New Year’s resolutions, is the resolution of doing better on studies and enhance the chances of finding lucrative careers in the year. The new year resolutions under this category are – Concentrating more on school or college studies; Getting better marks and greater grades; Trying to find better education; Learning some extra-curricular courses or things; Finding a good job or a better job; and so on.
  • Professional Progress: The New Year resolutions coming under this category aim to making determined and better efforts for higher gains and achievements in the respective professional fields.
  • Greater Time to Family and Friends: Sparing quality time for family members, especially for studying children, and also for honest and considerate friends who are striving for better pastures.
  • Helping others: Doing things for the benefits of others is certainly a noble new year resolution made by wise and generous persons of all over the world. Helping suffering neighbors, donating blood whenever necessary, helping the poor people with money or other resources, etc. resolutions come under this category.
  • Follow and Learn Good Things: Taking resolution to follow well tried and tested principles and policies in familial, professional, or social life, for the objective of developing a better and meaningful lifestyle, are resolutions pertaining to this category of magnificent New Year’s resolution.
  • Resolution for Sustainable Environment: Avoiding and averting all types of pollutions in personal, professional, and social life, for the high cause of maintaining a healthy environment, has been the common and great new year resolution, vowed by intellectuals and veteran leaders.
  • Betterment of Personal and Social Life: New year resolutions to make personal and social life more congenial, harmonious, generous, and helpful to other persons of society, in order to make life more fruitful and meaningful, are revered resolutions often taken by wise and great men residing in every part of the world.

New Year Resolutions for Kids

The most general and popular new year resolutions for kids are confined to the development of better work and living habits, greater concentration on better education and studies, learning new good and creative things, improving some extra-curricular talents and linguistic skills, self-discipline, and personality development.