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New Year Traditions

The auspicious occasion of New Year is welcomed and celebrated in all across the world, by all numerous and diverse cultures of the world, with great enthusiasm, joy, and optimism. The tradition of celebrating New Year originated in Mesopotamia and dates back to 2000 B.C. However, their ways of celebrations vary depending on their regional cultures and traditional customs. Again, as there are numerous other calendars popularly in vogue in all around the world, other than the Gregorian calendar, the New Year’s Day (marking the beginning of a calendar year) falls on different days, for cultures and countries following different calendars. But, New Year’s Day on the 1st January, marking the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, is celebrated as the globally acclaimed New Year’s Day by the majority of people of all over the world, in addition to the celebration of their respective New Year’s Day as per their respective specific calendar.

New Year Traditions Around the World

New Year celebrations are traditionally most common and popular in every part of the world, and are made with great optimism, zeal, festivity, joy, and the spirit of success and happiness to all. All major and small cultures of all around the world celebrate the coming of New Year, in their own traditional ways. But, there are many things common in all cultures regarding the new year traditions. All new year traditions advise to forget the bygone failures, discords, and grudges which existed in the passing old year, and start afresh a new optimistic beginning and time of sweet and harmonious relationship with all near and dear ones, essentially including the relatives and neighbors. Collective enjoyment, toasting, and feast, and congenial and wholesome entertainment are considered useful for this purpose. This originated the celebration of the New Year’s Eve. Secondly, the New Year is an auspicious, fresh, and optimistic period of time for many new beginnings, achievements, and rapports and relationships with other people of society. Therefore, making prayers, taking resolutions, eating foods for good and better luck, health, and wealth, carried on to us by the time-honored new year traditions of all magnificent cultures, are traditionally and popularly followed by the people of all over the world; and these essentially include the well-wishing to all people near and far on the festive occasion, implying “Happy New Year!”. Again, the third globally observed and most popular New Year tradition is the boisterous and glamorous demonstration of fireworks, which was initiated by the Chinese people and believed to dispel evil spirits and bring in good luck.

Every new year tradition has some new year’s food recipes to be cooked, served, and consumed by its family members, and all near and dear ones, in order to have good luck, and time in the coming new year ahead. Coming under the variety of appetizers recipes, side new year dishes recipes, new year main dishes recipes, and new year dessert recipes, these all types of New Year’s Day food recipes can broadly be divided into the six major categories - Grapes, Cakes, Greens, Legumes, Fish, and Pork. One or more of these categories of new year traditional food items, are served and consumed by most of the people of all across the world, as per their respective cultures and traditions, for availing of good luck, wealth, health, success, and prosperity in the time of the coming New Year ahead.