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Olympic Games Venues

The Olympic Games took their names from the Greek city of Olympia. Olympic Games are a multi sport event held every four years in different countries across the world. The venues of the Olympic games are superbly designed with a breathtaking infrastructure. The 2012 Olympic games are taking place in London, the first city to host the Olympic games for three times. Since 2005, when the Olympic games were announced to take place in london, the city has been working really hard in improving the standards and quality of the venues, and other infrastructure including stadiums and accommodations to stand out during the 2012 Olympic games scheduled to take place from 27 July to 12 august, 2012. There are lots of London Olympic Games venues decided for Olympic games 2012 that designed and organized keeping in mind the different types of games, especially the indoor and outdoor games. Additionally, the majority of venues have been divided into three zones within greater london including the olymnpic zone, the river zone and the central zone. Moreover, these are those venues that by necessity are outside boundaries of greater London, such as the Weymouth and Portland national sailing academy on the isle of Portland in Dorset which will host the sailing events some 125 miles (200 KM) southwest of the Olympic park.

Olympic Games Venues List 2012

Deciding the london games venues list 2012 might have been a difficult part for london when london was announced to host the Olympic games 2012 in 2005. Though, the Olympic stadium will be the featured venue for the london Olympic games but there are various other outdoor and indoor Olympic games venues decided for the other events and sports. For example- the mountain bike event take place at had Leigh farm after the event was moved from weald Country Park, after the UCI labeled the course at the park “too easy” in July 2008. A location in Kent was also considered. The venues are classified under outside and inside London depending upon the behavior and type of event and sports to take place in 2012 Olympic Games. Here is a list of Olympic park venues:

  • Copper box
  • Aquatic centre
  • Basketball arena
  • BMX track
  • Eton manor
  • Olympic standium
  • Riverbank arena
  • Velodrome
  • Water polo arena