Ram Navami

Ram Navami is one of the most awaited and popular Hindu festival celebrated throughout India. The festival remarks the birth of lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu. According to the hindu calendar, Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of shukla paksha in the month of chaitra which is during march-April. The festival is popular among the Hindus and is considered to be one of the religious festive days of the year for all those who worship Lord Ram. On Ram Navami, also known Sri Ram Navami, there are many places that celebrate the occasion for nine long days of the navratras and the period is called as ‘Sri Ram Navratra’. It is marked by various religious rituals practiced by the devotes like continuous recitals, Akhand Path, mostly of the Ramacharitamanas that is organized several days in advance to culminate on this day with traditional bhajan, kirtan, and distribution of Prasad after the Puja and Aarti. Traditional Bhojan is also organized by many Hindu families across india and images of infant form of Sri Rama are placed on cradles and rocked by devotes as a part of religious tradition.

Ram Navami Festival 2015

Ram Navami Festival 2015 date is on Saturday, 28th March. According to the ancient traditions, Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of the Hindu lunar year. The festival is soon approaching and people have started preparing for this significant occasion with true spirits of e enthusiasm and devotion. Many celebrate the day by organizing Puja at home, preparing traditional day meals for family, friends and relatives whereas many celebrate the day by visiting Hindu temples where the Bhajan, Kirtan and Path longs for several days. Especially, in south India, followers of Hinduism perform marriage celebration (Kalyanotsavam) with small deities’ murtis of Rama and Sita in their homes. According to the Hindu traditions, at the end of the day, the deity is taken to a procession on the streets.

Ram Navami Cards

Ram Navami is an important and religiously auspicious festival of the Hindus. The day marks the birthday celebration of Lord Rama, considered to be one of the incarnations of the lord Vishnu. The festival is mainly celebrated among the Hindus and the day starts with exchanging Ram Navami cards and messages among friends and family members. The day has its own significance among the Hindus, therefore the cards feature lord Ram and spectacular fireworks featuring lights. It is a celebration of goodness and its victory against all evils. Rama is commonly featured on the cards as he was also the true embodiment of humanity.