The Month of God

According to Islamic culture Ramadan is traditionally Islamic Calendar’s ninth month, lasting nearly 29 to 30 days, it is the month where Muslims mostly stop eating and drinking in honor of god, this is done with the intention of teaching Muslims about patience, spirituality and discipline. This occasion is very important for Muslims located all over the world and the day is observed with lot of devotion and peace.

It is said that the dates of Ramadan move backwards to approximately eleven days every year so and ultimately in 34 years a Muslim would have fasted for nearly a year of his/her life.

According to the Quran this is the month that the first teachings of the Quran were revealed to humankind and thus Muslims believe that this is the month when there are revelations done by God. The new moon is usually set to indicate the starting of every new month and Muslims thus usually start celebrating Ramadan with the sighting of the new moon, to avoid any disparities, Muslims all over the world have now-a-days started using astronomical calculations to check when the new moon will be visible.

Ramadan Holidays

Even though there are no month long holidays anywhere specifically but the Ramadan holiday consists of Muslims trying to keep close to the tradition that have been mentioned in their scriptures and keep praying and fasting throughout the month, there are basically five things that a Muslims has to follow throughout this month, which are:

Fasting which is done so as to redirect the mind and heart from any kind of material and bodily needs and concentrate more on the spiritual needs.

Quran reading is also a major practice for the practicing Muslims in which about a thirtieth of the Quran is read every day; this makes it possible for a person to finish the Quran in thirty days.

Iftar is the tradition of breaking the fast which is kept from Sunrise to sunset, now-a-days it has become like a family banquet which takes place every day, Iftar is usually commenced with the eating of a date.

Charity is also a major practice taken up by Muslims during Ramadan and a lot of times people who are physically unable to fast do charity instead throughout the month.

The most holy night is considered to be Laylat al-Qadr and special prayers and feasts are prepared for this night.

Happy Ramadan Greetings

At the end of the 30 days of fasting and prayer the festival of Eid-ul-fitr is celebrated with people wishing each other ‘Eid Mubarak’ as well as saying ‘Happy Ramadan’ to each other, Ramadan greetings mostly consist of people wishing each other by hugging and with blessings, prayers and gifts. Everyone usually pts on their best clothes and special feasts are prepared for the family members, communal prayers are also held and the poor are fed.

This is considered the year 1432 Hijri for the Muslims and Ramadan 2015 will commence on the 20th of July. The month of Ramadan is observed with peace and devotion to the ultimate God, Allah.