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Republic Day

The Republic Day of India is one of the most significant national holidays and celebrations of the whole country every year. Celebrated on January 26, the republic day serve to commemorate the day when long-awaited Constitution of India came into force completely, to make it a fully sovereign and democratic republic. The date of January 26, 1950 is historic and magnificent to mark the cherished implementation of its own Constitution through replacing the Government of India Act 1935, which was formed as the governing document of India. The date of 26th January was scrupulously chosen to honor the anniversary of Purna Swaraj Day or the Declaration of Independence, which was first observed on January 26, 1930, by Indian National Congress and other parties. Thus, this Date of January 26, pays respects to the freedom fighters who contributed immensely during long freedom struggle of India. The republic day india parade, made for glorious indian republic day celebrations, is prominent worldwide for its vastness, diversity, and great patriotic enthusiasm.

Republic Day India Parade

To commemorate and respect the occasion, a grand republic day parade is held every year in the national capital New Delhi. This republic day india parade draws spectators from countries of the world over in a great number, and is one of the famous parades held any time in the year anywhere. This military and cultural parade demonstrates the inspiring bravery and patriotism of the three divisions of the Indian Armed Forces, and the cultural richness and diversity of various States of India, all enveloped in great celebrative fervors. The parade and festivities begin after hoisting the national flag by the President of India. It is customary to invite a reigning head of Federal or State Government of any foreign country, as the chief guest on this splendid occasion. The military parade includes the representatives and regiments of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force, in all their finery and official decorations, and begins from the Raisina Hill (near the Rashtrapati Bhawan) and goes along the Rajpath and past the historic India Gate. Floats demonstrating the culture and music of various India States, are other highly impressive attractions of the republic day india parade. Patriotic and bravery awards are also granted to the defense forces and civil personalities. These all Indian republic day celebrations are broadcast on television and radio nationwide.

India Republic Day Celebration

The republic day of India is a magnificent national holiday of India, and is celebrated with elaborate preparations and high and huge patriotic and festive enthusiasm and fervor, all along the length and breadth of the country. The Federal, State, and Local governmental offices, post offices, and banks remain closed on this day, to celebrate it freely. Apart from the republic day celebrations in New Delhi, republic day parade, and Presidential address to the nation, republic day celebrations are also made in the State capitals, and the national flag in each State is unfurled by the Governor of the State. A variety of ceremonial and cultural programs are help on india republic day, in public places, colleges, schools, etc, in all across the country. At last, the republic day of India, is immensely great for spreading national unity, patriotism, and the spirit of sacrifice for the good of the country.