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Friendship SMS

Friendship is not a big fire which burns all day.It's a small lamp,that burns till the last day of life.
Friendship is like a glass,handle it with care,because once broken cannot be mended and even if mended,a crack is always there!!!!
True friend are those who care without hesitation,remember without limitation,4 give without anyexplanation & love even with little communication!!!!
A BEST FRIEND is like a four leaf clover,HARD TO FIND and LUCKY TO HAVE.
To hear what is unspoken,to see what is invisible,to fell without even touching... is the miracle called 'friendship'.
We tell each other our problems, we make each other smile. I'll be worried if you don't e-mail,or send a message in a while.
Peaople like u are found only once in a life u better take care of yourself because I don't want to waste another lifetime to find a such a sweet friend.
Don't Love a friend who Hurts u . Don't Hurts a friend who Loves u .
Sacrifice everything for a friend But don't sacrifice a friend for anything.
If you love somebody,let go. If they return,they were always yours.If they don't ,they never were .
Never say ur happy when ur sad...... never say u r fine when ur not ok...... never say u feel good when u feel bad..... and never say ur alone when I'm still alive.
Life is 4 u,death is 4 me,being happy is 4 u ,being sad is 4 me,being together is 4 u ,being lonely is 4 me,everything 4 u,but ur 4 me.
knowing a friend like u has made me happy in a million ways And if Ever I Have to Let you go ......I would find a million reasons to make u stay .....
A day is going to end again.It is nice to have a friend like u making my everyday seems so great.Thanks u my good friend.
Handsome,sweet,Intelligent,Spontaneous,Good Looking,Nice friends,charming,Funny, well..enough about ME!How anout you??
We gain and lose things every day.But trust me on ine thing:YOU WILL NEVER LOSE ME!I will always be there as a friend!
True friends are like Diamonds........they are real and rare.False friends are like leaves......they are sattered everywhere.
FRIENDSHIP isn't how U forget,but how u forgive,Not how u listen,but how u understand,Not what u see,but how u feel,and not how u let go ,but how u hold on!!!!
Not lack of love ,but the lack of friendship makes marriages unhappy.
Make new friends,but keep the old.One is silver the other is gold.
A friend is someone who know the song of yours heart and who can sing it for you when you have forgotten it.
When friendship is deeply rooted,it is a plant that cannot even be uprooted by a storm....
Life is not easy and it will never be,but you've got friends and one of them is me.........
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