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Y women r like computers, 1) No one really understand them , 2) All urn mistake stored in the memory, 3) U find u r self spending all u r money on accessories for them!
Y men r like computers, 1) they r useless until u turn them on, 2) They have a lot of data, us r still clue less, 3) As soon as u pick 1 better model comes on the market!
4 reasons y dogs are better than women.1) Dogs obey when u shout at them, 2) Dogs dont stop...3) U can give away u r dogs children, 4) Any guy can get a good looking dog!
I hereby place u under arrest 4 violating code 0569-distracting public with u r extreme good looks & sex appeal. Remain silent & report 2 my bedroom
I am at the police station. The police caught me & filed a case against me, possession of good looks. I am doomed! I need someone ugly 2 bail me out, so hurry up!
NEWSFLASH: A woman was found dead in her home2 day! She was discovered in her bath tub which was filled with milk& cornflakes. The police suspect a serial killer.
News flash: Police arrested 2 kids yesterday: I was drinking acid the other was eating fireworks. The charged one and let the one off.
U have got sex appeal. U have got style. U have got intelligence. To U have got class. U have got the face & U have got the body & I have got the wrong number!
Youre attractive, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, smart, charming, sophisticated, fit, kind& Generous. In fact, youre becoming more like me everyday!
Those innocent eyes...Those kissable lips...A great smile...The perfect walk...Smoothest tals...Absolutely gorgeous...Thats enough about me, How r u?
I saw something in tee shop window 2 day. It was stunning, sexy, cute, beautiful & adorable. I was supposed 2 buy it 4 u till I realized it was my own reflection.
This message was exclusively for the handsome ant the beautiful. We have obviously sent it to the wrong number. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.
U r cute, gorgeous, fine & dandy...really sexy...u make me randy...u r good with Ur mouth& also in bed....oops! Sorry wrong number, 4 get what I said!
Please remind me 2 remind u about reminding me to send u this remember, oh that reminds me can you remind me what the reminder was I have forgot!
I want u 2 know that friendship means a lot 2 me. U cry I cry. U laugh I laugh. U jump out of the window. I look down & then...I laugh again.
The rain makes all things beautiful. The grass & flowers 2.If rain makes all things beautiful why doesnt it rain upon you?
A girl phoned me the other day and said..... Come on over, there is nobody home.I went over nobody was come.
Hey friend, remember that without stupidity there can be no wisdom & without stupidity there can be no wisdom ugliness there can be no the world needs you after all!
If u notices this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing!!!
Hi, I am dying to c u, I want to talk to u seriously, but I cant get 2 u, this stupid gatekeeper is asking me 4 a ticket to enter the zoo!
Clouds are white but the sky is blue, monkey like you kept in zoo, dont get angry, I will find me there too, not in the cage, but laughing at u. Ha! Ha! Ha!
I have been arrested for being the ugliest person in whole country; can you come down the police station and show them its a mistake?
If you love someone, put their name in a circle, instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever.
Sardar asked The Qualification from a Girl. Girl Replied: "Double M.A" . . Sardas Asked:Kyun Pehla Galat Ho Gya Tha?
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    Tujhe dekhe bina teri tasvir bana sakta hoon, Tujhse mile bina tera haal bata sakta hoon, Hai meri dosti mein itna dum, Apni aankh ka aansoo teri aankh se gira sakta hoon!!
    Cute proposal: Girl: Plese Close Your Eyes For a Movement. Boy: 0k Girl: Andhera Dikh Raha He Na Boy: Yes Girl: That Is My Life Here Without You!
  • Valentines
    Day SMS

    Kuch Ehsason Ke Saye Dil Ko Chu Jate Hain, Kuch Manzar Dil Mein Utar Jate Hain, Bejan Gulshan Mein Bhi Phool Khil Jate Hain, Jab Zindagi Mein Aap Jaise Dost Mil Jate Hain. Happy Teddy Bear Day!!!
    I Am Sweet And You Are Sour So Just Shut Up And Give Me A Flower! Happy Teddy Bear Day!
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