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 SMS   Good Morning SMS

Good Morning SMS

Notice ur phone got heavier with this message? It contains loads of love, affection and prayers to keep u happy n safe. Have a Good Day!
Now SUN is HAPPY and MOON is Upset Because MOON is Missing you and SUN is with you Have a Great and lovely day
An ideal day should begin with a cute little yawn on your face! A cup of coffee in your hand And a message from me on your mobile!!!GM
Hi to Sweet Person who passed Sweet Night with a Sweet Dream, Now want to pass Sweet Day with Sweet talk, Have a Sweet DAY
May I cum in2 ur world???I hav bought no flowers,no cakes,but wishes 2 keep u fresh,prayer 2 keep u healthy & safe & luv 2 keep smiling. GM
I sent angels to your bed to wake you up and I asked them to surround your heart with LOVE, touch your face with a ROSE, kiss your head..GM 51. Every day, Every where, Every time, I may not b wi
Khol ankh, zameen daik falak daikh fiza daikh Mashriq se ubharte hue suraj ko zra daikh TASHREEH:- Is sher mai iqbal kehte hain..GM
S_nrise B_tterfly Pict_re M_sic Nat_re all r waitng 4 U U U U U U so get up. Have a nice Day. gOOd Morning
let this wonderful morning bring you active, freshness,success confidence,liveliness and god's grace.... good morning:)
Thousnds of languages around ids world, only "SMILE" can speak them all. Bcoz SMILE is the language even a baby can talk. So Keep smiling.GM
"The best place to find a helping hands is at the end of your arms"A very good Morning
"When you have money in hand,only you forget who you are. But when you dont have any money in hand,the whole world forgets who you are".GM
Moments make a lifetime !!! Its not necessary to spend years with someone. Its just the moments spent with someone that defines
"LIFE &TIME are the world's best two teachers.LIFE teaches us the use of TIME & TIME teaches us the value of
I never ever forget u in morning time. Coz first bright light whisper ur name in my ears... "G_@_@_D M_O_R_N_I_N_G
Yaadon Mein Na Dundo Hamein, Ham Mann Mein Mil Jayenge, Tamanna Ho Agar Milne Ki, To Haath Rakho Seene pe, Hum Dhadkan Mein Mil JayengE,GM
.:i!i!i:.:i!i!i:. :i HELLO i: ". '.__.' ." '+,_,+' It's Me! Wishing U A Great Lovely G O O D,MNG g.
Kabi dost kahte ho. Kabhi dua dete ho. Kabhi bewaqt nend se jaga dete ho. Pr jab bhi SMS krte ho. Khuda kasm zndagi ke sare Gham bhula DETE.
Did you feel a little warm in the morning? I sent you warm hugs in my thoughts! Good morning and have a wonderful day
Each morning we will watch the sunrise, While we are wrapped in each other's arms, Good MorniNG.
a perfect morning 1;open your eyes 2;strch your arms 3;feel the freshness 4;tk a deepbreath 5; and say its too early,let me sleep again. GM
Pyari subah mujhe uth kr boli. Dekh kitna hsin nzara h Maine bi kh diya phle use Good Morning bol du jo es subah se bhi pyara h..GM
Kya aapke Toothpaste me Namak hai? Agar haan to thodi haldi,Mirchi,Imli aur narial daal kar chatni kyu nahi bana lete. wat an idea sir ji.Gm
Aaj mujhe App Se Kuch Kehna Hai Wo Baat Jo App Sunna Chaho Wo hi 3 LAFZ Jo Dil ko Chu jaaege.. GUD MORNING..****()
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