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Good Night SMS

I wiSh moon alwayS be full & bright,U alwayS be cool & right,Whenever u go 2 Switch off the light,Remember that I am wiShing U"Gud Nite..
"NIGHT" is a gud time to "REMEMBER" all the sweet things & all sweet persons in ur "LIFE" so sleep well with ur "SWEET MEMORIES..
My eyes said,"I'm so tired..Plz cum to sleep N give me rest"But my heart said,"Plz wish ur dear one to have lovely night..
Dost to jhonka hai hawa ka. ost to ek naam hai wafa ka. uron ke liye kuch bhi ho. amare liye to dost ek haseen tohfa hai khuda ka. GN
welcome to radio BED FM... this is DJ bedsheet hanging out with DJ pillow, for now i'l play u song called sleep tight by sweetdreamz..
Na Din Ko Light... Na Raat Ko Light... Wa wa wa! Na Din Ko Light... Na Raat Ko Light... Go_OD NIGHT . ~ . G^_^D NIGH
Sun wouldn't be red,Sea Wouldn't be blue,I Wouldn't be happy,without disturbing you!!!!!!!"Good Nigh
Teri ankhon mein aas ho to meri ho, Tere hothon pe pyaas ho to meri ho, Jab tu bole to lub tere hi hile, Magar un hothon se aawaz meri ho.GN
I hope an angel stays next to u tonight and covers with gentle wings so that u sleep wrapped in Gods grace protected and in peaceful sleep.
"Speaking without bluffness, Loving without intentions, Caring without expectations, Praying without selfishness is d sign of True Relations
"Its true that u change only for the one whom u care for the most. But the one who changes u is the one who loves u the most..GN
,-- / ,-- ,-- , --.'-. / /-- /-- /--' --' '- '-- '--/ Well Have a good sleep with dreams.. Good Night
A smile from moon to put you to bed. . . The twinkle of the stars to sweeten your dreams. . . An SMS from me to wish you deep sleep.GN
"CHANGE" is the nature of life but, "CHALLENGE" is the aim of life. so we hav to challenge the changes. not changing the challenge..GN
"As long as we Dnt 4give Those Who Troubled Us ,They Occupy Rent-Free Space in Our Mind.Forgive & Forget their words" Gud n8
"LOVE" is a crazy word..u can't define it..If defined, u can't find it.If found, u can't get it.If u gt it, u can't forget it & if forgot.GN
Nind ki aankho pe ho rahi hai filding tight;is dark sky main dikh rahe hain taare white;ab bhuja ke apni light,hum aapse kahte h.GN
Where you r baby. These days ur nice messeses r not coming, hy boss ? R u ok na. I think u may busy, ok when u feel free pl open ur pitra.GN
Adjust urself in every situation,in any shape,at any time and always find out UR OWN WAY.This is the reality of life. Gud n8
Yadon Ko Teri Hum Pyar Karte h,saat Janam B Tum par Nisaar Karte Hai.Fursat Mile To Kuch Likh Bhejna yar,Ek tere Hi Sms Ka intezar Krte h.GN
Yaadon Ko Teri Hum Pyar Karte Hai,saat Janam B Tum par Nisaar Karte Hai.Fursat Mile To Kuch Likh Bhejna yar,Ek tere Hi Sms Ka intezar Krte h
The most beautiful thing in this world is to see ur parents smiling & the next best thing is to know that u r the reason behind dat smile.GN
Wenever u hav a DREAM inside ur HEART, Nvr let it go coz DREAMS r da TINY SEEDS, Frm which BEAUTIFUL TMRW GROWS..GN
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