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Tujhe dekhe bina teri tasvir bana sakta hoon, Tujhse mile bina tera haal bata sakta hoon, Hai meri dosti mein itna dum, Apni aankh ka aansoo teri aankh se gira sakta hoon!!
Cute proposal: Girl: Plese Close Your Eyes For a Movement. Boy: 0k Girl: Andhera Dikh Raha He Na Boy: Yes Girl: That Is My Life Here Without You!
"Tere jaane ka asar kuch aisa hua mujhpar.. Tujhe dhoonte dhoonte maine khud ko paa liya ♥ :)
When a Girl cries for a Boy.. It means that She misses him a lot.. ♥ But, When a Boy cries for a Girl It means that.. No one in this World can Love the Girl More than that boy..! ♥ ♥
When I feel the warmth of your love Blossoms of your love bloom in my heart My world shines like a pearl And I feel like at the top of the world.
aaj hamare dil me ye khayal aaya hai ki hum kal raat bhukhe hi so gaye the
har insan dil ka bura nahi hota,, "he koi insan bewafa nahi hota,,, "bujh jaate he diye akser apni galtiyo se'' her baar kasur hawa ka nahi hota...
Pyar ki wo hasin tasvir kaha se laun.Teri dosti se achhi takdir kaha se laun.Hr janam me mile saath tera, ab tu hi bata apne hathon me wo lakir kaha se laun.
Something is behind you, looking for you, make wishes for u, at days secure U, and guess what? *MY DUA*
Whenever's I want to see you, I'll just close my eyes, If GOD decides to take you away from me then I'll ask God to close my eyes forever........
Care is one of the sweetest forms of love so when some1 say they care it means they will keep u in their hearts until it's very last beat.
One Who drinks, has alcohol heart, one who smokes, has cloudy heart, But don't eat sugar because you are already my SWEET HEART.
A rupee is easy to earn...but a smile is hard to find...rupees lose its increases its worth...I lost a rupee, when I SMS U....but who cares: I won u r smile...
I sent my cares to the wind& asked 2 the wind, 2 pass them 2 u......when u feel the wind blowing against u r face....thats me saying LOVE YOU..........
I blame nature for being born at this era of pollutions, strange diseases, unemployment, crime etc. But the joy of findings u in this era has made it the best 4 me.
Got a gift 4 u! No cost! No batteries required! Tax free, Performs silently, extremely personal! fully returnable. It's a hug from 2 U!!!!
There are 12 months a year ......30 days a month...7 days a week....24 hours a day....60 minutes an hour ...but only one like you in a lifetime.
The sea spoke 2 me about his empire, about his non-ending Density, about his greatness and I spoke 2 him about "U", he felt so small...
Love is like a cigarettes'--it starts with sparks, continue with burns and ends with ashes. But dont worry we are chain smokers.
The smallest word is I, the sweetest word is Love and the Dearest person in the world is you. Thats why I LOVE YOU...
The smallest word is I, the sweetest word is Love and the Dearest person in the world is you. Thats why I LOVE YOU...
"ITRUST YOU" is a better compliment than "I LOVE YOU" because you may not always trust the person you love but u can always love the person you trust.
If you say my eyes are beautiful, it's coz they r looking a t you...for my eyez are just the windows my feelings cum thru!!!
You are summoned to court for trespassing in my heart and if you plead guilty will be sentenced to love me 4ever so how do you plead?
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