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Remember, We All Stumble, Every One Of Us. That's Why It's A Comfort To Go Hand In Hand
An Apology Is A Good Way To Have The Last Word.
The Bitterest Tears Shed Over Graves Are For Words Left Unsaid And For Deeds Left Undone.
True Remorse Is Never Just A Regret Over Consequence; It Is A Regret Over Motive.
In Some Families, Please Is Described As The Magic Word. In Our House, However, It Was Sorry.
Never Ruin An Apology With An Excuse.- Keep Your Words Soft And Tender Because Tomorrow You May Have To Eat Them
When You Realize You've Made A Mistake, Make Amends Immediately. It's Easier To Eat Crow While It's Still Warm.
Wife: One Who Is Sorry She Did It, But Would Undoubtedly Do It Again.
If I've Done Anything I'm Sorry For, I'm Willing To Be Forgiven
Let Us Endeavor So To Live That When We Come To Die Even The Undertaker Will Be Sorry
There Is A Strength In The Union Even Of Very Sorry Men.
You Can Make Up A Quarrel, But It Will Always Show Where It Was Patched.
For Every Minute You Are Angry, You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness.
If You Were Going To Die Soon And Had Only One Phone Call You Could Make, Who Would You Call And What Would You Say? And Why Are You Waiting?
It's Easier To Ask Forgiveness Than It Is To Get Permission.
I Never Saw A Wild Thing Sorry For Itself.
There Is A Strength In The Union Of Very Sorry Men.
We Would Often Be Sorry If Our Wishes Were Gratified.
I'm Sorry You Are Wiser, I'm Sorry You Are Taller; I Liked You Better Foolish And I Liked You Better Smaller.
More Men Are Sorry For Speaking, Than Keeping Silence
I Feel Sorry For People Who Don't Drink. When They Wake Up In The Morning, That's As Good As They're Going To Feel All Day.
If You're Going To Do Something Tonight That You'll Be Sorry For Tomorrow Morning, Sleep Late
Feeling Sorry For Yourself, And You Present Condition, Is Not Only A Waste Of Energy But The Worst Habit You Could Possibly Have
Play Fair. Don't Hit People. Say You're Sorry When You Hurt Somebody.
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