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Chinese Horoscope

Chinese horoscope is considered to be the oldest astrological practices in the world as its origin dates back to times when people have started with astrology. Its history is quite different from the occidental Zodiac. The Chinese calendar developed through lunar observations and a 60-year cycle was conceived, rather than the linear Western method of dating BC and AD. Records show that the Chinese calendar emerged around 2637 BCE in 60-year cycles, divided into five 12-year sub cycles. Unlike various western schools of thought, Chinese astrology does not bother about the planetary movements and position of celestial bodies to make prescient remarks and predictions. It studies the resources present in the earthly environment and establishes the interconnectivity between man and nature.

The Chinese Horoscope has 12 animals starting with the rat and followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar. Depending on the year one was born in, one will belong to one of those Zodiac animals. Further divided into four major groups of animals, these animal signs are each believed to have affinity towards each other. These signs complement each other well. People having personalities similar to each other and have similar outlooks in life complements each other well. Born in the same years, the people of the same group are special friends and buddies and these people can be talked to and we can get help from them in times of need. They are our Allies. On top of that, one secret friend is there for each of the animal sign. A secret friend is someone we can always depend on, and will always be there by our side, to protect us and never let us down.

Some positive and negative characteristics assigned to each of the Chinese Zodiac signs are like for Rat: Honest, generous and quick to anger, Ox: Easygoing, willing to lead, nervous and conservative, Tiger: Brave, charming, emotional and spontaneous, Rabbit: Pleasant, trusting and sentimental, Dragon: Loud, domineering, popular and intellectual and all other animals have some or the other meaning associated to them.

The horoscope maps really well to the personality of a person based on the Birth date and can foretell things way before they happen in real life and Chinese astrology is being referred to by many people. One can download free Chinese horoscope from net. There are still some contradictions to them as many people don’t believe or don’t go with it. It depends on individual experience and what they have heard around them.

2014 Chinese Horoscope

Following is the 2014 Horoscope for their respective signs :

  • Rat - Family difficulties, needs to be optimistic;
  • Ox or Buffalo - The year is good for them; successes will continue for them, more wisdom is needed for them;
  • Tiger - Some deceptions from sentiments point of view may be feared. They need to be more tolerant;
  • Rabbit or cat - Luck is on their side this year. Will feel a little dissatisfied;
  • Dragon - Some foolish acts from their side are expected;
  • Snake - Profitable year ahead;
  • Horse - Year of amorous fury, pros and cons must be weighed wisely;
  • Goat - a mediocre year ahead;
  • Monkey - Perfectly in their element this year; will preserve their internal peace;
  • Rooster - Free and easy attitude, undesirable repercussions due to violent reaction;
  • Dog - Financial difficulties ahead, health issues must be taken care of;
  • Pig - No trouble at all this year, beware of adultery tendencies.

Chinese zodiac has really gained prominence and they offer predictions to the users in an easily understandable way.

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