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Feng Shui in English mean by wind and water, Feng Shui is a Chinese tool used since ancient time with the aim of improving the way of living. Feng Shui is type of philosophy that deals in nature of beauty, taste and art in order to analyze the creation and appreciation of beauty. Feng Shui is an art that works on different elements of wood, fire, metal, water and earth. All these different elements have their own significant on life by the way of providing energy from one way or on other. The proper use of these elements in life affects your way of living in day to day activities. Feng Shui is not like any magic that transform your life positively, it based on five elements and there proper use in life that helps in changing your negative aspects into positive one in order to maintain your thinking and way of living for better life. Good Feng Shui is what that needs an open mind, spirit and true heart that approaches forward to change the way of living. Never think negatively while practicing Feng Shui, it basically threw out your negative points and will make your mind with space enough to think positively.

Feng Shui Five Elements

In Feng Shui there are basically five elements on which it works that’s wood, fire, metal, water and earth. By using the concepts of these elements under Feng Shui, many people are able to change their lives at a large extent. One can follow the basic concept of feng shui by changing the colors of your walls, changing the interior, relocating the furniture, putting more greenery plants, use artificial collection in one corner of room and many more are there with which one can change his or her thinking as per the conceptual discussions of feng shui. Not only physically surroundings but Feng Shui also puts mentally efforts that enable you to enjoy the positive life in future.

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